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Thread: Need help! Problem after altering SpringBoard.strings

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    Default Need help! Problem after altering SpringBoard.strings
    Just a while ago, I SSH'd into my phone using iFunBox because I wanted to change the slider text. I followed all of the instructions I received, going into System/Library/CoreServices/ and ONLY edited the AWAY_LOCK_LABEL line.

    However, after saving it and replacing the older SpringBoard.strings file with the new one, the day on the Calendar icon is gone, when sliding to the left on the homescreen to search the iPhone, it now says "SEARCH_BAR_PLACEHOLDER", and when I launch my iPod app, I receive the No Content screen, even though I have 400 or so songs and the space is still shown as being used up under my settings.

    Now I've tried replacing the new file with the old one, but I still have the same problems. What steps do I need to do to return it to what it once was?


    Well, unless there's a way I can replace a certain file to return it to the way it was, I guess I'm going to have to restore the phone to it's original settings and start over, which right now I'm considering since I have mostly everything backed up.

    If it turns out that I have to do that, are there any measures I should take beforehard with a jailbroken phone? Or could I just connect it to my computer and restore it using iTunes with no worries and jailbreak it again?

    For the record, I used Blackra1n and I'm on firmware 3.1.2 (7D11)
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    After your restore, you can just re-jailbreak the same way you did. After restoring, you should set up as a new iPhone. Some have problems if otherwise.

    Next time, make a backup of any file you mod.

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    Hi there... I'm new to this forum, and I know that this is an old topic, but I found a solution... After hours of trying everything, i never tried the obvious...

    All you have to do is go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and copy SpringBoard.strings to folder english.lproj that is in folder

    When you replace that, take the same file from en_GB.lproj and go to /var/stash/Themes.JenWER, and replace it in the folder of the theme you have on your iPhone... mine was /var/stash/Themes.JenWER/Typophone 4.theme/Bundles/

    after that all you have to do is to restart your iphone... I hope this helped you or any1 in need

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