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Thread: Iphone random shutdown solution

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    Default Iphone random shutdown solution
    After months of my iphone just shuting down at random times, I finally found a solution. I tried lots of things, but nothing worked, and it started on 2.2 and continued when I updated to 3.1.2. Ive read that lots of people are having this problem on 3.1. This really worked for me. I have had to do it every time Ive upgraded to stop the random shutdowns. My thanks to the original uploader. Here is the solution using SSH.

    "OpenSSH/WinSCP into Iphone then go to:
    \System\Library\SystemConfiguration\PowerManagemen t.bundle

    Find the file:
    Then rename it to:

    Look for the file PowerMangement, should be in the list where is and rename to PowerMangement.plist

    Now you can close the window and reboot your iphone.

    It does not kill battery time as much as the other solution and it defenitly does not get stuck again. I've tried it for two days and still have not seen the problem. "

    Hope this helps someone!


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    Hi Ronnie,

    Owner of an iPhone 3GS since 3.1.3 I have the very same issue which is really mind boggling. I've upgraded to iOS4 and still the same crazy issue. I followed your remedy today and I just want to know if this resolved this issue forever and since then you haven't faced it anymore.

    Thanks & regards,

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    First time poster here!

    Ronnie, thanks to you I am finally able to use my iPhone 3G again. I bought it as a damaged device (broken touchscreen + LCD), fixed it myself and have tried all sorts of differnt OS (3.1.2 - 4.0.2) and Jailbreak (redsn0w, sn0wbreeze) combinations and no matter what I used my iPhone would always shutdown when in sleep mode.
    What also has occured is that when waking it up from sleep mode (which was rarely possible) by pressing the power button again (either in lock screen mode or on the home screen) the entire system would simply freeze or the WSOD would appear. Only way out was through a hard reset!

    With the file removal trick of yours my iPhone hasn't crashed at all in the last few days I've been using it! CHEERS!!!

    There is just one problem I have noticed, that has also been mentioned in other forums: the battery life simply sucks! over night (roughly 5 hours) it would drop from 100% charged to about 75%, so good 5% an hour. This is with 3G on and WIFI off.

    Have you found a solution to this?!?
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    Well, after my final setup with iOS 4.0.1 (jailbroken via redsn0w), unlocked with ultrasn0w and then Ronnie's fix my battery worries have disappeared. I have more than 24h of standby time with 3G on with the occasional short call and internet usage.

    Thanks again, Ronnie!

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    Hi there thanks for your hard work and kindness to share it. I have followed your instructions and made the changes but it does not work for me. I still have the annoying random shut down. I have noticed that it has something to do with the app called BiteSMS it is shutting down more frequently when I use this app.

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    I'm using my iPhone 3G 8GB to talk and text on T-Mobile, AT&T, Airvoice, movistar and other sim cards as we all are entitled to do.

    I find it annoying that my iPhone 3G has the ability to work well but due to a software bug that remains un-patched by Apple, it randomly shuts down for no reason.

    Today I saw this solution to the iPhone 3G's planned obsolescence behavior and decided to give it a try, but the solution posted above had no effect at all and did not work.
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