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Thread: iPhone Noob, Linux Pro

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    Default iPhone Noob, Linux Pro
    After watching the iPhone closely ever since the famos Keynote, I finally bit yesterday when I say 4Gig models at the Apple Store for $299. With a screen like that, WiFi, and a powerful OS, I figured I could not go wrong, even given the iPhones' limitations.

    The problem is that we are an all Mac and Linux house, and the Mac is still at 10.3.9.

    I had to use a friend's iBook to activate, and now I cannot do anything with my phone here at home. I do have a iMac at work with 10.4, but I do not keep personal stuff on my work PC.

    It seems that with all the emphasis on freeing the iPhone from AT&T, what is really needed is some work on freeing the iPhone from iTunes.

    I am a long-time Linux user, and I am not afraid of a command line. I do not, however want to waste my time and HD space trying to install Windozes apps on Linux.

    What native Linux solutions are there? If I use a Mac to install SSH, etc,. will I be able to upload music and videos without iTunes? Will the phone's iPod app see them? Is there a hack to get the iTunes database in the iPhone to assimilate my music and videos?

    I realize that the 3rd party app development is happening at a great pace, but what we really need is mplayer ported to the iPhone. Then we could truly have independance from Apple and iTunes.

    Given that there is already X for darwin, and Mac OS, and that there is already mplayer for various arm based devices (that have X), this may not be too daunting.
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    I have not seen very many Linux solutions. I am interested in finding solutions, but we need some Linux dev's to help out...

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    Linux, when it comes to modding cell phones, has always been sorely lacking in the development area. Software is scarce. If you find some, list them, or if you decide to create one, more power to you.

    I might be going to linux soon, so yay

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