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Thread: HOW TO: Keep the Stock Protective Covering as a Screen Protector

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    Default HOW TO: Keep the Stock Protective Covering as a Screen Protector
    HOW TO: Keep the Stock Protective Covering as a Screen Protector

    For those like me who are/were scared to take off the protective covering that came with the iPhone off, this guide is for you.

    For the first couple of hours I had the phone, I didnt take off the cover because I didnt want to mess up the screen (with fingerprints, scratches, etc.....even though I understand that it is durable, didnt want to do it). One draw back was that I could not hear out of the headset's main speaker and instead had to use speaker phone on all my calls. So I decided to get my brother-in-law to operate on my phone......

    Below is a step by step guide on how to safely and efficiently remove the unwanted sections of the protective cover while still manage to keep the screen protected......

    Here is what you need:

    -Soft Card (just a small plastic card that is soft and bendy, see images for an example)
    -Two other cards, credit card size.
    -Razor blade

    STEP 1

    Find a thin card or plastic object and carefully place under the covering at the bottom of the phone.

    STEP 2

    Using a corner of the object you've selected, carefully slide up toward the top of the phone while keeping minimal amount of object under the covering

    (to keep cover close to screen without air/dust getting under)

    STEP 3

    Once at the top of the phone, begin to slide back the covering as much as you would like (make sure obviously to uncover the speaker)

    STEP 4

    Take a plastic card (any credit card size will do) and place it perpendicular to the phone's face and fold the covering that you have selected to take off back

    STEP 5

    Use another card to pin down the selected covering. Make sure you create a perpendicular line with the covering and the phones surface. (See images)

    STEP 6

    While the selected covering is pinned (again make sure that the pinning card is creating a section to cut that is perpendicular to the phones surface),

    take a razor blade (for cleanest results) and begin to cut USING THE FIRST CARD AS A CUTTING BOARD IN ORDER TO NOT SCRATCH THE PHONE. (See images)


    STEP 7

    Once cut, release the top card and allow the newly cut plastic to fall back into place.

    STEP 8

    Using a soft card, carefully smooth out any air bubbles that may have formed under the new cut. If done precisely, there really should not be any.

    STEP 9

    Go to the bottom of the phone and repeat steps 3-8 (obviously in step three refer to bottom of phone not top)


    (Notice in this picture that you can see the top portion of the screen protector. This is only because I used a knife rather than a razor blade....if razor blade is used, there will be no strays or visible lines)

    And thats it. It works perfectly and its free. I have been using the original protective cover as a screen cover since day one without any problems. The only issue I have is that there is dust starting to get under the top part of my phone because I had used a sharp knife rather than a razor blade for that section. I then used a razor blade for the bottom section a day later and there are no signs of it coming off or dust getting under. Also, again, if you use the razor blade rather than a can barely see that there is even a screen protector on the phone.

    Hope this helps.

    Special thanks to my bro-in-law who did the operation.....

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    Awesome guide my friend, thanks!

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    I just payed 30 dollars and in 2 days i had a invisable shield and works great.. now i dont have to worry much when i toss it in my pocket.

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