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Thread: Iphone with Boost mobile?

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    Short answer: NO!!!!!

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    boost uses CDMA, not GSM- they also use nextel's iden network for their walkie talkie feature-

    iphone = gsm only
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    Thanks guys this sucks :-(. But my iPhone is worth it :-)

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    There is a bit of misinformation here. Punklove says that Boost is CDMA. I Thought so too, but I went to a sprint store today and they told me it is GSM... So... Maybe it is possible.

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    Boost/Nextel uses iDEN - a TDMA variant. It's a dead end network. Nextel or Boost CDMA is simply, just Sprint CDMA.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandonharrison10 View Post
    There is a bit of misinformation here. Punklove says that Boost is CDMA. I Thought so too, but I went to a sprint store today and they told me it is GSM... So... Maybe it is possible.
    Yeah, cos the guys in Sprint stores sure know what they're talking about.

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    I know it's a dead thread but now there are runors that sprint will get the iPhone. Might someone unlock it for boost/verizon or whatever?

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    Unlocks for CDMA phones don't work that way. The Cell provider has to be contacted to add the ESN. And those companies generally don't add phones that they don't sell.

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    Default iPhone 4 CDMA on Boost Moble? YES! YES! YES!
    Let me clear up the mess that has been left by people who DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

    1) CDMA/GSM: Boost mobile used to be primarily GSM, but thanks to Sprint's older/slower network, BoostMobile now utilizes that part of CDMA while Sprint's flagship phone works on faster CDMA and Wimax technologies. All currently releases are CDMA.

    2) CDMA iPhone 4: I spoke with boost mobile on the phone multiple times (different customer agents). They ARE willing to port your iPhone 4 (Verizon) to their network. They admit that DATA is NOT guaranteed to work (at the moment). But you can at least get Voice and SMS.

    3) CDMA Unlocking (almost forgot to add): CDMA are not locked like GSM. The ESN number has to be released from current carrier, and registered to new carrier. Since Verizon has no exclusive right to the iPhone, they cannot deny an ESN tranfer, unless the ESN is bad (stolen or defaulted on service plan)

    So for those of you who answered without any REAL research, eat your foot now. Any questions?
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    I'm glad everyone understands now.

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    I was going to buy a verizon iphone before but the whole thing just seemed mad sketchy to me.. +1 tho

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    I've heard that all you have to do to get an at&t or Verizon iPhone working on boost is jailbreak and unlock, activate a boost sim and cut it down to size
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    So i could import my iphone?

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