i know most of the pips here who was here during the time when modmyi was called modmyiphone remember when there was no appstore from apple. When apple was pushing webapps and the only way to install native application was through installer. before cydia installer was there and before we could install the really cool stuff in our iphones we had to risk getting bricked with jailbreaking and unlocking. we used to enter long strings of installer's download source and have faith that these semi beta apps was not going to screw our iphone over.

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but as for me I want to honor those who were involved in the evolution of native application for the iphone. im not sure who you guys are but the height of success of the appstore have been seen by noobs like me long before its release because of you guys. i believe that much of what the iphone is right now is because of those who fix what was not broken, those who void warranties, the real modders of modmyiphone. i thank you.