Hey all,

I have a 1st gen iPhone (not mine) w/FW 2.2 and I just unlocked/jailbroke it using Quickpwn (VISTA OS, btw). Worked like a charm.

Before this, the device had only been jailbroken using iLiberty (FW 1.1.4). It also had Cydia, Installer and Customize installed. Somewhere along the line, the wallpaper had gotten stuck and could not be changed.

I thought that upgrading (FW 2.2) and jailbreaking all over again would fix this. I was obviously wrong. Any help?

I believe the resolution of this issue might have something to do with "sshing" into the device but I was never really clear on how to do that or on how that even works for that matter. If so, is there a step-by-step tutorial somewhere that can explain how in laymans terms?

Any help would greatly appreciated.