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Thread: Dock Connector Replacement

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    Default Dock Connector Replacement
    Yesterday I was in the middle of syncing my phone when it got disconnected. Now I haven't been able to get any computer to recognize my phone. It doesn't show the device as being connected in system profile in my mac and similarly on my pcs. It also draws no power from my mac and pc. I've tried different computers, a different cable, dfu mode, different usb ports, and reseting settings for the phone.

    I'm getting power over a wall charger for my phone and it also allows me to play back music from a dock. Everything works fine on the phone. From what I've read on-line it sounds like I need a new dock connector. Would any of you agree with this based on the info I have provided?

    I assume that because my phone has been unlocked my hardware warranty from Apple is void? This being the case does any one have any suggestions on where I might be able to send or take my phone to have the dock connector replaced? I live in the Las Vegas area and I don't know if there are any shops that can fix it on the spot.

    My other option is a new 3G, is there a way to get a 3G without a contract without paying $700?

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    I got mine fixed by a shop in my town called rapid repair. It cost me about $150 roughly. They offer a rush service for $10 extra and I'm almost positive you can ship. I was very pleased with the work. If all else fails f$&@ it.
    Good luck!

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    Usually if the dock assembly is having issues, then it wont charge either. Plus, its hard to believe it would just "quit" like that.

    However its also strange that multiple PC's and cables will not work. Especially if you tried it in DFU mode. Are you sure you were in DFU mode and not recovery mode? DFU will be a completely BLACK screen like the phone is off.

    And, Apple will warranty it IF you can cover up the fact that its jailbroken/unlocked. Because if you put your foot down...under Apple's own warranty agreement....warranty is NOT contengent on activation. In other words, you dont have to be currently activated with AT&T service.

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    Yup that's true, my warranty passed 2 weeks before I bought mine though.

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    Edit I got into DFU mode for sure now. Nothing still, I wonder if trying a new cable while in DFU mode will help me with anything?
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    Not dismissing your DFU mode, but try this:

    1. Itunes open, phone plugged off.

    2. Hold POWER button for 5 seconds.

    3. WITHOUT letting go of POWER, now hold HOME button for 10 seconds...(both held now)

    4. RELEASE POWER button, CONTINUE to hold HOME button until Itunes recognizes phone (between 10-30 more seconds).

    **If Itunes doesnt see the phone within 30 seconds, it aint gonna.

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    Yup it's definitely jacked up. DFU mode no good on both of my pcs with a different cable. I don't know what the deal is with the phone. I've got the power running just fine from my wall charger. I don't know what these issues are indicative of but I've got to assume something aint right with the connector. I was able to get it to play off my speaker dock yesterday and now I can't.

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