Hey guys, terrible news..I just spider webbed the screen my 3G iPhone. I had it in the incase belt clip, that was a velcro, not magnetic. The velcro didnt stick cuz I had it for a while and my iPhone fell out and smacked the conrete face first. I cracked about the top 1/3 of the screen.
Any body know whats the deal on getting this fixed? I called Apple as soon as it happended and the gentleman told it was going to cost about $199 "maybe less" and that i would get a free replacement phone for free while mine is getting fixed.
I then went to the Apple store and they told me that there are just going to sell me a new model for $299. But do I stil get to keep my old one?
Also i believe i broke one of the senors next to the earpiece because when i go to call and put to my ear and the pull it away the screen doesnt come back on.
Im Pissed.. Anybody know what to do?
Thank You,