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Thread: 2g replacement before warranty is up??

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    Default 2g replacement before warranty is up??
    Hey guys,
    I have a 2g iPhone on t-mobile (my dad's). the warranty is up on jan 24th. Basically i want to get replacement so he can have a fresh one before the warranty is up. I was going to restore it to factory settings so it could be on att and use my att sim card nd put it in his 2g to go into the store with it. any suggestions on how to "ruin some software" so i can get a replacement phone. Wold they give me another new 2g phone or a 3g phone?

    any help would be much appreciated!

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    Your not going to find someone here who is going to tell you how to "screw" Apple.

    And if it was swapped, it would be for a refurbished 2g.

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    Just tell them the battery doesn't hold a charge for more than half a day and they'll give you a new (refurbed) one.

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    Just get a life. That's what I would do in your situation
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    Default Um...
    If the Genius that you take it to knows anything about anything, they'll restore the thing... so "screwing up some software" wouldn't - shouldn't- work.

    My question to you is, if there's nothing wrong with it, why do you need a replacement? If the one you have has been working fine for a year, it's got a better track record than any replacement you might get.

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