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Thread: Unhide Hidden Apps

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    ok guys messed up good,,,been dreading going to 2.2 but my damn safari always crashed on 2.1 I messed up cause I had all my apps organized with catagories, I created a settings folder and I put the default settings icon in the folder,,,,anyway backed up the phone that way, updated just fine but all my folders are hidden and have no way to reset SB to orginal settings, and even all my apps from the app store update then vanish to the folders i made can't just restore it causes it restores it hidding all the icons all i have is the phone and the sms icon showing,,,,,,,,,can anyone please help,,,,frustrating the hell out of me!

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    sorry but if you're apps are hidden then you neeed to restore your phone, and set it up as a new iphone.

    if u have cydia NOT hidden, then install SBsettings and unhide apps.

    this MIGHT also work, restore, then B4 you restore to your settings, jailbreak, install SBsettings, restore your settings NOW use SBsettings to unhide apps.

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    if ur jailbroken get bossprefs, then go into poof (its in boss prefs) and then just unhide the app.

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    If you read the post above installing bossprefs won't be possible unless Cydia wasn't in one of the folders. One thing you MIGHT try is to re-jailbreak with quickpwn. This might re-install Cydia back on the springboard.

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    Yeah that was the first thing I tried. It just hides it in the folder I can't get to anything but use the phone and text. I had the bursts docks installed but they didn't restart after the update. I guess I'm SOL. I have an 8gig and 51/2gigs r apps

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