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Thread: Iphone 2G not recognized by itunes8, and stuck on continual reset

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    Exclamation Iphone 2G not recognized by itunes8, and stuck on continual reset
    Background info:

    -Iphone: 2G, 2.1 Firmware, Jailbroken/Unlocked. 4GB. 1XX MB Storage available.

    This problem began today. Up until today, I have had no problems with my iphone, except for a few minor freezes here and there for which I simply held power+home to deal with.

    There's a story behind what happened to my iphone, but I'll spare you the details. The problems started when my iphone was hit out of my hands relatively hard to the ground. At first, I didn't notice anything wrong, and I kept using it as I had been. About 10-15 minutes after my iphone was dropped, I noticed that when I pressed the home button, nothing happened. This is where I started to get worried. From that point on, whenever I was doing anything on my iphone, the screen would lag and go to the continuous loading circle animation, and then either go to the apple boot screen, or go to the 'slide to unlock' screen. When I slid the slider, my iphone would work like normal, but it would make this faint buzzing sound. This process of freezing, to sliding, to working (except for the home button) , buzzing, and then to freezing again, continued until I got home from school, (which is where this incident occurred) and connected my iphone to my computer through USB cord.

    The first thing I noticed was that the battery was not showing that it was being charged. The freezings from earlier became more frequent, sometimes having to reset itself to the apple logo multiple times before being usable for several minutes, and then going back into a freezing chain. After about 40 minutes of this, the remainder of my battery died, and the iphone lost all functionality; it simply kept restarting itself until it went to the 'connect to itunes' screen, before resetting itself again. The problem is, neither itunes 8 nor windows will recognize my iphone, so I can't restore it if it is in fact a software problem, which I'm not sure that it is. (I am hopeful, however.)

    Currently, my iphone stuck in a mode of spastic resetting that is comparable to a seizure; every second to half a second, the iphone either lights up with the apple boot screen, or lights down to a black screen. The 'connect to itunes' screen no longer appears.

    Attempts to fix:

    -I've tried putting my iphone into recovery mode, but it seems to be unresponsive. I believe this is because the home button is not working.
    -I've tried connecting the iphone to my brother's computer, but it is not being recognized.
    -I've tried restarting my computer and seeing if it would be recognized then.
    -I've tried using connecting my iphone to my computer with different USB cables.
    -I've tried connecting to every single USB port on my computer with all other USB devices detached.
    -I've even tried to open my iphone to see if something has gone loose inside (which is what I'm thinking has happened)

    Overview of problems:

    -Home button not working
    -Cannot set to recovery mode because of previously mentioned reason
    -Spastic continual rebooting @ Apple logo screen
    -Unable to even start iphone
    -Phone makes a faint buzzing sound when in use
    -Itunes/windows doesn't recognize it when it is connected by USB
    -Cannot restore because of previously mentioned reason

    That's All that I can think of for now.

    One last thing I noticed: when the USB cable is connected to the iphone, it is sticking roughly 1.5mm out from the base of the iphone. I did not notice this before, and this does not happen on my ipod. The white part that is attached to the bottom of the iphone is also angled downwards slightly, which I never noticed before either.

    I added as much detail as possible to help you guys help me. Anything suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated. Please be patient with me because I consider myself a novice when it comes to technology, and I may not understand some of the terms you use. Thanks in advance.

    If this was posted in the wrong section, or if there is a better place to post it, please let me know.

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    Your problem layout is impeccable.

    It really makes our jobs easier

    Well you say you dropped your phone, If it was dropped hard enough, Something would of cracked and gone loose inside. If not then something inside still should be messed up.

    And that faint buzzing sound isn't a good sign either.

    Setting the phone into Recovery or DFU mode would be useless as I do think this is a physical hardware problem.

    And you also say you opened the phone, That isn't something to perform by a novice to technology
    As it does void your warranty, If it still existed beforehand.

    I'm sorry to say that the only way to fix the phone is to get an Apple repairman to look at it, Or to ask somebody who is adept at tinkering with iPhones such as Cpjr here at modmyi.

    But yeah, I'm sorry to say mate I can't help much further.

    Merry Christmas though.

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    Well, it's a good thing that I was too novice to manage to open the phone! It was (should have said attempted instead of tried :P) Unfortunately, as you guessed I didn't have a warranty beforehand so it doesn't really matter anyways.

    On a brighter note, I've been tinkering around with the brick -mostly just connecting to different comps and trying to get some recognition, as well as messing with the power/home button- and I've managed to consistently get the 'connect to itunes' screen on reboot. I even managed to get the ipod working in safe mode for about 3 minuites somehow.

    As for it being a physical hardware problem, I have a pretty strong feeling that the damage is limited to loose parts inside the phone, especially towards the bottom end of it. This is because the only things that are giving me trouble -the USB connection socket and home button- are at the bottom. The phone fell with a little more force than just a drop, and I had a silicon case on it at the time, so that also furthers my belief that there are just loose parts inside. There was also no visible damage on the outside of the phone, except for possibly a small dent. I've seen videos on 2G iphone disassembly, and in these videos the black piece at the bottom of the phone is taken out first.

    If my problem is indeed simply loose parts, would it be relatively simple to open up the bottom of my iphone, and align any loose pieces? Or would it still be a very complex task?

    If this is not in your area of expertise, and you can't answer, don't worry; I'm thankful for receiving some input

    Also I noticed one other thing that may be useful for identifying my problem... When the iphone is connected to a power source, (laptop/wall adapter) that's when it becomes spastic and has extremely fast reboots. On the other hand, when the ipod is disconnected, it becomes more sedentary, and I can get it to stay at one screen for a while. Also, it seems that contrary to my initial beliefs, my iphone can still hold a charge. It seems quite limited in this respect still, however.
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    Can anyone help me? >,<
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    Most likely, you damaged the flex cable, as well as a few other things inside your phone.

    This is why your usb cable is sticking out farther than it's supposed to. Most likely, your phone is damaged and would need to be fixed by Apple under warranty (if they couldn't tell it was your fault/if you have any warranty left).

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    The only thing I can't understand is that, if anything is indeed actually broken inside my phone, why can I get the phone to work every now and then?

    If I stop the continual reset -by holding the power button while the phone boots from apple screen to black screen- and then leave it on a charger for a while, after say, 5 hours, I can sometimes boot it back on with about 1/5 battery. It will then function perfectly, except for being unable to use the home button. Other times, it will simply stay at the connect to itunes screen, and then after a while go back into the restart loop.

    Wouldn't the fact that the phone works on some occasions suggest that things are merely loose inside, and not actually broken? Or is it possible that the phone can function with a broken flex cable?

    Any ideas on how much repair would be if I do have a broken flex cable though? And what is a flex cable anyways?

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    I found a way to get my iphone to work;

    Through observation, I've discovered that my iphone can take in a minimal charge still. It CAN get full batteries, but that would take around 2 days to charge. To charge it, I simply stop the restart cycle by holding the power button while I'm on blackscreen, and leave it on an adapter for several hours. When I boot it up again, it will start in safe mode. From there, I hold the power button and power the iphone off. It automatically restarts itself however, though it will function properly aside from a nonfunctional home button, and fuzzy speakers.

    The only thing that worries me when I use it with this method is that the iphone becomes warm/hot, and sometimes buzzes randomly from inside...

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    The same thing is happening with me. I have dropped mu pgone but it was a very soft drop so i dont think that it has anything to do with the drop. But my phone is on ver 2.2 and when attached to a computer it is not recognised and when connected to a charger it is on a continuos cycle of resets. If there is any way to resolve the situation please let us know.

    And i agree with OWANGATANG that it is not a hardware problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uvbisani View Post
    The same thing is happening with me. I have dropped mu pgone but it was a very soft drop so i dont think that it has anything to do with the drop. But my phone is on ver 2.2 and when attached to a computer it is not recognised and when connected to a charger it is on a continuos cycle of resets. If there is any way to resolve the situation please let us know.

    And i agree with OWANGATANG that it is not a hardware problem.
    I never said that I don't think that it's a hardware problem, merely that I don't think that it's a serious problem. I think something may have gone loose within the ipod, and was wondering if this assumption was right, and if it was, what was loose and how I would/if I could fix it.

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    Hi, have you guys found a solution yet?
    My Iphone works fine, except sometimes a little bit slow at writing SMS, but the problem is that when I connect it to the computer it doesn't say anything. My PC doesn't recognize it, iTunes doesn't recognize it, but my iphone is charging, even so it doesn't tell me so by showing me the Battery Symbol.

    Pleaaase if someone knows something ^^ Right now I'm completly deleting my iphone (The function inside of "properties") Hope I can restore it afterwards.

    I also can remember dropping it, it didn't fall deep, but that was as far as I can remember right after the last time the charging and connecting worked properly

    EDIT: Well the deleting of the iPhone worked miracles, now it doesn't even start up! yay...
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    Background info:

    -Iphone: 2G, 2.2.1 Software, Jailbroken/Unlocked. 8GB.

    My issue is exactly similar to what OWANGATANG is been having:

    -Home button not working
    -Cannot set to recovery mode because of previously mentioned reason
    -Spastic continual rebooting @ Apple logo screen
    -Phone makes a faint buzzing sound when in use.
    -PC Cannot detect the phone when connected via USB.
    -Itunes/windows doesn't recognize it when it is connected by USB
    -Cannot restore because of previously mentioned reason

    Was someone able to resolve this issue?

    Does CPJR has the fix for this problem?

    OWANGATANG were to able to fix your iPhone

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    No Soulzilla, I was not able to fix it.

    After many months of frustration, I have decided to give this another go, all or nothing.

    I disassembled the iphone, and opened the section housing the home buton, and all the other lower elements of the phone. Upon opening the black plate that the home button is stationed on, I discovered that the dark brown colored cable immediately above the home button and is connected to it was/is severed. Whether this was caused by my opening the phone, or whether this was the original cause of the phone's problems, I do not know.

    I believe that, as Piazza331 said, that it is the flex cable that has been damaged. This thread here: Futher confirms my suspicions.

    I am hoping to buy a new flex cable and attempt the repair myself (seeing as flex cables are cheap) , but I do not know what steps I need to follow in order to do this. I was only able to find a disassembled guide, and the guide in the link above is written for experts to understand only.

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    That's correct: the iphone 2g won't recognize the pc due to the flex dock cable.
    You my be careful to change this.
    The first time i repair on of my iphone i brook the home button and mic cable.
    This is so tricky to change it.
    But finaly i have change it and when connect it to the pc it pop up the find new hardware.

    I hoop you understand that you need to do this change with passion.

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    Yeah I disassembled the phone to see if I could find out what was wrong, and I broke the home button/mic. I gave up, my iphone is in pieces in a box in my closet lol.

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    Thumbs up Changing the Ribbon Flex Cable Repair DOCK Connector
    You can find on ebay cheap Ribbon Flex Cable Repair DOCK Connector For iPhone 2G.
    But it need to re soldering the speaker and mic joints from the old one to the new one. If you are good in soldering you can make it,trust me.
    By assemble the cover back of the section housing the home button, see if there is 2 mini resistors blocking the cover to close.(but be careful again , do not remove the cover back unless you lift up the home button from the plate first) This is stuck by an adhesive to the home button, cause that you can brook it again.

    Most of the iphone DOCK connectors damage for unknown issue's. If it wont connect to your computer or it wont recognize/charge try to change it very careful. Good Luck

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    Thanks for trying to help ravi, but I have neither the tools nor knowledge to solder anything. I have zero experience in this, and will probably just wasting time, as well as another flex cable. :S

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