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Thread: Mass create custom icons

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    Default Mass create custom icons
    I'm working on my own theme and know what I'm doing except for one thing...icons.
    I know how to slowly make the icons one by one, but I know that there must be a better way to create them faster.
    Is there an app that can help with the icon making/modding in mass amounts?

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    Not really.

    Best you can do if your icons follow a pattern is save a generic .psd file (assuming your using photoshop) and only edit the app specific part.

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    How do the developers of the huge themes that have thousands of icons do it then???

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    Spend alot of time creating icons

    Really, there isnt any "trick" to doing it.

    If you look at alot of the themes that have tons of icons though....the basic design of each icon is the same (which can be saved as a separate file) and just part of it is changed each that cuts down on alot of time.

    I have made icons for most themes I've used cause I was missing icons....usually, I can create an icon in under 5 minutes. On some themes even only bout 1 minute. Just gotta get the groove down.
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    Do you think you could supply me with stock icons for all of those common apps? I'd be grateful if you had hem lying around from one of your old projects.

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    I think your missing what Im saying....look at these 3....

    The first is your "palette"....and the other 2 are icons, see...only the middle changed for the specific app. Everything else stays that same...So you have alot less editing to do.

    Anyways, my stuff wouldnt help you cause it'd be completely different from your theme.
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    I understand, but i am saying could you give me the stock icons you started wih, modified and then put on your background if u have them?

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