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Thread: My iPhone Is Still Not Automatically Checking For New Emails

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    Default My iPhone Is Still Not Automatically Checking For New Emails
    I thought I fixed this problem last week when I first noticed it by totally deleting my Yahoo Email account as my "Mail" on my iphone then re-entering the information, but the problem has resurfaced...

    My 16GB, 3G iPhone has stopped automatically checking my Yahoo email account. I can go into my "Mail" app and see if I have mail, but as for the red circle with a number in it automatically showing up whenever I have new mail, it doesn't do it anymore, and I haven't messed with any of of the Push/Fetch settings.

    Like I said, the only way I know to fix the problem is to totally delete my Yahoo Email account info, then re-enter it. But I shouldn't have to do that every few days or so. Why does it just stop automatically checking for email when I haven't changed any setting.

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    what are the current settings? like the ones that havent changed? and are you constantly connected to a 3g network
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    The settings are...

    Push: On

    Fetch: Manually

    (None of which I've ever changed ever since I got the phone
    last week)

    And as for "constantly" being connected to a 3G network, no, I'm not always in an area that gives me a 3G network, but the majority of the time I am.

    I mean it's working right now because I deleted my Yahoo Email Account for my "Mail" app and then re-entered it, but I shouldn't have to do that ever so often. Why does it, after so many days, just all of a sudden stop automatically checking and showing on the Mail app that I have new email???

    This is really annoying.
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    change fetch to 15 minutes. the push function for yahoo hasnt been working lately. change to 15 minute fetch and then send yourself an email. then just wait. you should have it pop up within 15 minutes or less
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    The push function for Yahoo hasn't been working AT ALL lately or it's just working sometimes?

    What's wrong with it? I'm just wondering if I'll have to keep deleting/re-entering my Yahoo email Account info every so often. I hope I don't, that will get annoying.

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