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Thread: iPhone PROBLEM--Need HELP!!!!!

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    Default iPhone PROBLEM--Need HELP!!!!!
    i've had my iphone for about 8 months now.* unlocked and jailbroken 2g phone on tmobile.* In November, I upgraded the firmware to 2.1.* Everything was great for a day.* Went to make a call and it wouldn't wake up.* Had to hold home and the power button to get it working again.* Then when the phone would go to sleep, it would do the same.* I restored, unlocked, and jailbroke my iphone with 2.0, 2.1 and it would still do the same thing.* I then went back to fw 1.14.* Now it doesn't turn off and everything works great.I wanna have 2.2 on my phone, but I am worried about it shutting itself down again.Has anyone ever heard of this happening and is there a fix for it.* I just can't seem to find an answer to it.Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Well, from a bit of research(eh, google), I found that that issues with the home and or power buttons are often hardware related.
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    mostly hardware related but the boot logo app (logome) will mess it up too. if you have that remove it. if not most likely hardware
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    does it do it when the phone isnt jailbroken?

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    i have this problem 2 it sucks ive been googling for months now, ive found different "solutions" but none of them solved anything for me

    it doesnt matter if the phone is jailbroken, unlocked, locked or any other combination, but the only real thing ive noticed is that if you use insomnia or if you have it docked the phone doesnt go "dead".

    it seems like this is something deeper(in my case) bb seczon nvram?
    like some bad code in the iphone sleep state or powerprofile.

    help a stupid noob out

    oh yeah while the phone is "dead", if i call it i get dial tones but no respons from the phone whatsoever.
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