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Thread: 2G or 3G? That is the question/ Total newb

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    Default 2G or 3G? That is the question/ Total newb
    Totally new to the iPhone era. What is better? The 2g or 3g?
    Before I spend a load of cash on an iPhone, is the 3g worth it or would I be happy with a 2g? Are they that different from each other. Coming from modding v3 razrs, this is a whole new world for me. What I have heard is that the 3g does not work in the US. So what is the point in having a 3g phone? Any help is appreciated.

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    Well, ATT sells the 3g so yeah it works in the US.

    Depends on what you consider "better".

    I think the 2g is built better.....but the 3g is sexier, offers 3g speed.....and has a GPS.

    If you planning on NOT using ATT and unlocking it....then I would go with a 2g iphone. Cause the 3g cant be unlocked via software yet, so using a sim-adaptor is a pain. Plus, the 3g part is useless so your just left with the GPS...which until they come out with a real turn-by-turn app for the phone, aint all that great anyway.

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    So if I have ATT I can't jailbreak or unlock?

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    You can jailbreak and you dont need to unlock.

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    Sounds like the 2g is the best for me right now. I am not really worried about the GPS or 3g speeds. Comimg from v3 razrs to an 2g iphone sounds like switching from dial up to broadband/cable. What is a good price on a 2g 8gb or 16gb? I have seen prices on used ones from $250 to $600 and new in box from $300 to $800.

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    Ave. used price on 8gb or 16gb is gonna run between $250 - $500.

    That is for the 2g iphone. The lower end will be your used 8giggers and the higher end will be your 16giggers and/or new 8giggers.

    You can find deals if you just look around and dont jump to quick.

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    Great! I will keep my eyes open for the deals. Thanks for all your help!

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    No problem.

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