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Thread: Signal Strength

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    Default Signal Strength
    Did anyone notice a weakened signal in FW 2.1?

    I used to have full bars running 1.1.4 JB in my house. I upgraded to 2.1 months ago and got half bars in the same spot.

    I now have more dropped calls than ever. Any good news with 2.2 regarding signal strength and dropped calls?

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    I've sort of noticed this a little bit, but in all fairness, I was only on 1.1.4 for a while since I moved to school. I know 2.2 was supposed to address this issue, though, so maybe you should give it a shot.
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    i get more dropped calls on 2.2 then 1.1.4

    its less then 2.1 tho so might be worth it
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    1.1.4 was great. I still have it on the old 2G that my husband took over. Very reliable and stable.

    On my 3G, which I have since August, it came with 2.0 which I immediately upgraded to 2.01 as it was available. The 2.01 firmware was very laggy for me, but signal was OK. Not as good as the 1.1.4 on the 2G though. The upgrade to2.02 was a disaster for me. It fixed the lagginess, but my signal was extremely unreliable. Twice it literally left me with a useless phone, both times when i was in a situation I needed the phone. I was getting all kinds of error messages as well, including the "iphone needs repairs" message. Thankfully 2.1 came out and fixed my signal problems. 2.2 is even better for me.

    One discovery i made regarding the iPhone signal is that anything magnetic will interfere with signal. I realized that everytime I had a missed call or text, the iPhone was in my purse. I used to keep it in a front pocket. Well there is a little magnet inside the leather to close the pocket. I used to miss calls when i had a phone case with a flap that had a magnet in it. i now have a case with no magnet and i clip the iphone onto my belt or put it in a pocket. no more missed calls.

    Dropped calls seem to happen for me when I am too close to my desktop computer.

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    I'm still waiting before I go with 2.2. Hopefully signal issues are part of the upgrade.

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    I am currently on 2.2 JB and my signal is great. It is somewhat better than it was on 2.1. Which I agree seemed much worse than on previous Firmwares

    Another 2 cents is that the lagginess is almost all gone both before and after the JB as most everyone else has reported!

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