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Thread: Gevey 3G SIM adapter and a 3g help

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    Default Gevey 3G SIM adapter and a 3g help
    I've been away from this site for good while. I'm buying a 16gb 3g from apple. I wanna get the Gevey 3G SIM adapter I've seen on ebay, but just wanna know how it works to unlock the iphone, and what else needs to be done to unlock it. Once unlocked will I be able to doenload and install the same tons of stuff i did with my 2g iphone?
    Thanks for any help...........
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    If you just bought an iphone recently then there is no way to unlock it as of now. The gevey 3g wont even unlock it. The new firmware that apple release (version 2.2) will not allow people to unlock the iphones. If you are getting an iphone with firmware 2.1 or lower then you will be fine.

    The gevey is basically an adapter you put on the sim tray. Then you put your sim card over the adapter.

    You should jailbreak and activate too so you can download all the other 3rd party apps.

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    i hope this will work

    becouse i have the same issue with the sim adabter i had jail breaked the 2.2 and now im gonna downgread to the 2.1 firmware or 2.0.2 firmware
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    I used a Gevey 3g and it lasted me about 3 weeks. I had no problems before. Although I did lose reception once but all I did was pop the Tmobile sim back into my Tmobile phone made a call or whatever and put it back on my iphone and it worked again. I was able to connect to itunes without no problems either.

    However, I turned off my phone while I was watching a movie and when I turned it back on it started to fail. I tried everything, popping it in a Tmobile and still nothing. I even restored and jailbroke my Iphone again.

    The Gevey 3G's are so cheap though that I bought 2 more. Only 9 bucks on ebay.

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