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Thread: "Why the DEV Team is Holding back from unlocking the iPhone"...

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    Default "Why the DEV Team is Holding back from unlocking the iPhone"...
    Without being to obvious at some of the other places that I spend my time, I came across this article from someone who is know to...speak from both sides of his mouth so to speak.

    I find it hard to believe that there is much validity to his article, and if it were me, would be rather pissed if someone was falsehoods regarding my work.

    From what I know, this is the foremost place to get information regarding the iPhone. I don't know who is on the Dev Team specifically, but I do know that a lot of hard, and at many time under appreciated work goes into them being able to pull of the magic that they pull off.

    Never the less, here is the article, and in case anyone finds any relevance or truth to it, then of course please post to enlighten me and others.

    The End of Jailbreaking
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!

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    yea someone needs to shut HIS SITE down.

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    There is no validity to that article. Haklab is responsible for recently stealing the ********** domain. Thats right, I said stealing. Just like one1 said, they created alot of drama for seemingly no reward. Using all powerful and infallible logic leads us to understand that jailbreaking doesnt equal cracked apps. Thats a poorly formulated arguement. Not only that, look at this individuals literary skills(and im not saying mine are great).

    "Why do you think they have been holding back on releasing the iPhone 3G unlock and the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak? They might stop doing their work if people keep jailbreaking and just do it for cracked apps." - Haklab

    This doesn't make any sense! I thought I was reading it wrong, but I wasn't!
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    thy just try to get attention with controversy and everyone is feeding into to it... right now
    people are clicking
    on the link to the article helping their site get what they want...attention...I say eff-em and let the devs continue their work

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    Thread pruned and closed.

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