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Thread: flex cable broke, will warranty cover?

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    Default flex cable broke, will warranty cover?
    i just have the basic warranty the flex cable broke and some of the pixels are screwed up like when i press on the screen they go back to normal but when i let go some random ones turn blue or red.

    u think i can just upgrade to 2.1 or 2.2 without jailbreak and take it to the apple store at los gatos and they might replace it? i dont want a gay *** 3g i phone id like just the old one.

    i was thinking of going over there nd saying that the pixels are all tweaked that should be covered and not mention the flex cable.

    its kind of in bad condition like a few dents and scratches, the corners are all scratched up.

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    I seriously doubt they will warranty that.

    How do you know the flex cable is broke? By the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    How do you know the flex cable is broke? By the way.
    well its not totally broken, every time i wake up the phone it sais its connected to something when its not so i get no sound, it rings but no music or sound from games n such.

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    I would try cleaning out your headphone jack. Take the plug and go in and out a dozen times or so.

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    no, def not cuz, im pretty sure it happened when i plugged it into my ihome and tried pulling it out but it got stuck so i just ended up bending it too far towards myself and now it wont play music or charge thru my ihome unless i put something behind it to pull it back a bit

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    Ah, yeah you definetely toasted the cable.

    You can restore and try taking it to them. But I would be very surprised if they did anything. Good luck anyways.

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    should i take it in complaining about the pixels and be all surprised when they find out the flex cable broke?

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    Doesnt really matter I guess.....their gonna see "you" broke it either way.

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    well would i have a better chance sending it in or going to the actual apple store?

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