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Thread: 3G Confusion

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    Default 3G Confusion
    Hmm, well I love my Iphone, but I'm a little bit confused about 3G. Everyday I travel from my home in Waskom, TX (along FM 9/2625), and my connection always starts out Edge. I have to get all the way to Greenwood before 3G will even kick in. I try to enable 3G through bossprefs, and/or settings, but it always falls back to Edge (until I get to Greenwood). I get it all day while I work in Shreveport, up to 1.2mbps, and I get it aaaaalllll the way back to farm rd 9, and almost to my house. I've gotten up to 1.2mbps almost all the way to my house, but somedays I get nothing at all and it just falls back to Edge. I just don't understand why it works somedays, and why other days it's just dead. Or how I can get it on the way home (which is probably the time most people are on it), but I can't get it in the SAME PLACE in the morning. Can someone explain?

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    Yep, that's 3G. It's working properly.

    You think you are plugged into a wall here? I'd research 3G and understand it more and how it broadcasts and what it is.

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    Thats normal. If the phone can't get a strong enough signal it will default back to edge. If you're starting out in a strong 3G area and driving away from it your signal will hold on whereas if you start of in a weak area it may take FOREVER for it to switch over to 3G.... just how it works.

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