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Thread: What processes?

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    Default What processes?
    Is there a way to see what processes/applications are running on my iPhone?
    I am trying to track down what is slowing my Iphone up.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    not that i know of but there are only several apps that run in the background anyway
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    On firmware 2.0+ no...

    If you're running an animated winterboard theme that takes up lots of resources. Apps like intelliscreen contribute also...

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    Thank I removed my animated wall paper that actually wasn't even turned on.
    That helped.

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    In Cydia install MobileTerminal and install top.
    Open MobileTerminal, enter top and hit return.
    Double tap the black screen to let the keyboard disappear.
    Now u see a list of all the processes running.
    bash, top and Terminal are used by MobileTerminal.
    If Springboard is constantly using more than 10% CPU, one Winterboard setting is causing the slow down.
    My Springboard has around 10% with having 1 Theme, 1 Battery and Veency enabled.

    To kill a process:
    - double tap screen to get keyboard
    - enter Shift+s and hit return
    - enter 9 and hit return
    - enter the PID number of the process u want to kill and hit return
    To exit top, enter q.
    To exit MobileTerminal, exit top first, then single tap screen, select exit and hit return.

    Do NOT kill processes with lower PID than Springboard.
    Will cause Freeze eventually and u need to reboot.
    Also if u kill bash or Terminal, it will close MobileTerminal.

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    Download from Cydia and Top

    "Top" is a command line program which will show you all of the current running processes and how much resources they are taking up.

    EDIT: Damn, beat me to it
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    Damn thanks guys I will try this now.

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