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Thread: So call someone tell me how the iPhone 3G Hacking scene is going?

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    Default So call someone tell me how the iPhone 3G Hacking scene is going?
    Well recently my beloved iPhone met a unfortunet fate..
    So ive been thinking about geting a iPhone 3G

    I never used my iPhone as a phone, but more of a iPod Touch(NO i'm not getting one of those)I'm a hacking and tech savy guy and loved downloading and putting applications on my iPhone from installer app and cydia..So If I got the iPhone 3G would i still be able to download apps and use it as a mutimedia device for listening to music and videos?
    I don't think its been unlocked yet bot no worries.
    Has it been jailbroken?

    If i bought it and plugged it into itunes would i be able to get passed the activation screen?

    Oh yeah is it possible that one day we will be able to unlock the 3G for free from out homes like the orginal iPhone?
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    yes its jailbrocken
    no not unlocked
    yes you can use it if you dont activate it (just jailbareke it)
    yes it will be unlocked in the future
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    Is it the same as the orginal iphone when it comes to 3rd party apps from installer and cydia?

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    thats not hacking...

    but anyway..

    you can still use WIFI. you cant use 3g unless you have a data plan.

    there arent as many homebrew apps for 2.0 but there are a bunch of appstore apps out there.

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    you can use 3G if you get a gophone sim

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    Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post

    yes it will be unlocked in the future
    who knows :P

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    If you're going to use it as iPod then why even bother? You'll have to sign onto at&t, then cancel the contract and so on and so forth, all resulting hefty fees.

    unless of course you have money to burn, in that case, feel free.

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