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Thread: Potential fix/workaround for typing lag (keyboard lag) on iPhone 3G

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    Default Potential fix/workaround for typing lag (keyboard lag) on iPhone 3G
    I just called Apple Support to inform them what I found, regarding typing lag workaround (fix). And I thought this may help many of my fellow iPhone 3G users.

    I am using iPhone 3G (firmware 2.0.1), I have been experiencing the typing lag ever since I bought the phone (firmware 2.0). The typing lag almost always occurs when either Bluetooth or WiFi is turned on and your device is far away from your router or your Bluetooth headset. This is what worked for me and Apple Support was also able to replicate this issue and the fix.

    The fix or workaround is to trying turning off the "Bluetooth" radio and or "WiFi" in iPhone. This could be found under "Setting" -> "General" -> "Bluetooth", and for Wifi you can go to "Settings" -> "WiFi", tap the slider so it displays "OFF".

    Each time I turned off my Bluetooth radio and or WiFi radio (depending on which device is far away from you) my lag disappeared. This worked for me regardless of my bluetooth headset (Jabra 250v) being connected to my iPhone or not. I just noticed it more when I was connected and my headset was far away from my phone and when disconnected (but Bluetooth radio still on) while the headset was far away from my iPhone. Same for WiFi, if I walked away from my apartment with WiFi signal very weak (I would have to turn off the WiFi radio to resolve the issue).

    I would be curious to know if this works for any of you out there. Good luck!
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    most of the times i use the keyboard i'm on wifi so i can't really try that..., but another way to fix the lag, is turning the keyboard click sound off, at least that worked ok for me....

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    In my experience it only happens when you are using WiFi but you are far away from your router with a very weak signal to no signal, like when you are in your garage or parking lot. I mean for me the parking lot is quite a bit away from my apartment so sometimes I get spotty WiFi signal and sometimes I don't, the times I barely get the signal is when this happens. So I turned it off and it took care of the lag.

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    ok i dont get it. why is it everytime apple says the have a temporary fix for things, the fix is actually to disable something? it doesnt make any sense. turn off my wifi so my keyboard can stop lagging?!?!??! why not just turn off all my internet connections, turn off my email, hell..maybe i should just turn off the fone..maybe then my keyboard will stop lagging. so in order to get a faster keyboard i should turn off my wifi and be on the edge. great. faster keyboard, slower internet lol. what a fix

    im just saying, some of these fixes are as rediculous as some of the apps in the app store.

    i dont mean to rant about it, nor am i mad about it, just trying to point things out

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