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Thread: How to add pictures to Camera Roll

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    Default How to add pictures to Camera Roll
    I was recently trying to add photos to my camera roll as i didnt want to sync them via itunes but was struggleing to find a solution.

    I eventually got it working and heres what I did:

    There seems to be a few rules re camera roll.
    1. The files need to be uppercase and mine would only work if they were the same numbering format as the camera photos. (IMG_XXXX.JPG)
    2. To get a preview of the image in camera roll there has to be an associated .THM file for each .JPG

    To make the photos available I first created a copy of the photo and resized it to 50%. I then renamed the original to IMG_0100.JPG (if you already have photos in your 100APPLE/DCIM folder then you might want to start at a high number so as not to overwrite any images e.g IMG_5000.JPG) and then i renamed the copy that i created to IMG_0100.THM. A THM file is basically identical to the original .JPG and so all it requires is a copy and rename. I then copied into the relevant DCIM folder on the iphone and the photo was available.

    I did this with approx 50 images and so copying / renaming etc on an individual basis would be a bit tiresome. I used IrFanView to batch convert images to 50% original size and then used BetterFileRename to rename the files.

    Hope this helps,

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    u can use netgragon iPhone PC Suite !it is easy to do that!

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    iPhone PC suite crashes on me before it can run. Thanks to the OP for posting this. I didn't realize that the .THMs are really just JPGS with different extensions.

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    I tried to copy/paste all the JPGs and THMs into the DCIM foldert like you said but nothing happenned except I can't open a picture which was on the device before. Did I miss something ?

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    So i created the THM files...
    But how to copy them together with the JPGs in the DCIM-Folder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragn0r View Post
    So i created the THM files...
    But how to copy them together with the JPGs in the DCIM-Folder?

    Should be just a simple copy paste using ifunbox,winscp or another program.

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    You could use an app like SwiftLoad. It has a WebDAV server feature that allows you to copy the file into it wirelessly and then use the add to the camera roll feature.
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