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Thread: Hello i am about to buy an iPhone, i have a few questions...

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    Default Hello i am about to buy an iPhone, i have a few questions...
    How are you all doing ??

    i have a few questions because i am about to buy an iPhone (its unlocked and has installer so no need to explain that) ??

    -These three questions are about user experience

    1- Will i regret getting it ?? are there things that will just make me feel down about it (like no bluetooth transfer) ?

    2- Will the awesome UI experience get boring after a while ?

    3- If someone offers you to Swap the iPhone for a Nokia N95 8gb would you do it (because right now i am torn between those 2) ?


    -These are software related

    1-What are the essential apps i need to install to have a full use of my iPhone ?

    2-Is there an app thatcan allow me to send files via bluetooth to other phones ?

    3-I hear that iTunes resizes there a way to transfer full scale images so i can enjoy the zoom in ?

    4-How can i put my OWN ringtones ?

    Please answer my questions as i am going to buy one of those (iPhone - Nokia N95 8gb) in the next few days....If it matters in anyway i am running a Windows XP system....

    wow 30 people have entered this thread and none can answer these...
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    well the thing is people have read it but most of your questions can be answered with a simple search. So just for kicks I will answer the ones that cannot be searched.

    1. no you will not regret it. Well honestly its all about preference, some will hate it, some love it, it just depends on you. You will just have to buy it and see if you like it.

    2. no it doesnt get boring, i love it

    3. No i would not.

    1-4 software related questions can be answered with search

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    just go for it. Honestly, comparing the nokia w/ the iPhone is apples and oranges. Really old rotten apples, respectively in all seriousness, have you played with an iPhone? That will tell you whether or not you like it. As far as the s/w is concerned, there are so many useful apps, too many to name

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