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Thread: Advice For buying my new ifone

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    Default Advice For buying my new ifone
    im trying to get an iphone but not sure what to look out for.

    ofcourse, it needs to be unlocked, which most of them are.

    is there anything else to look for?

    does youtube come installed as standard anyway and what if it doesnt recognise uk caller ids? is this easy to do sort yourself?

    also, where is the best place to buy an unlocked iphone for orange that comes with everything i could possibly need such as youtube and the installers for all the games etc

    most importantly it has to work with uk numbers.

    thanks people!

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    I'll answer the latter q's first, as they are the simplest. There are two kinds of iPhone out there, hardware wise. Just the 4GB and 8GB. Now the 4GB has been phased out. So for now, there is but one. Youtube, and the whole STOCK APP bit is installed on all iPhones. And honestly, I'd suggest saving some money by purchasing one at an Apple store, and then unlocking it yourself. If you are not comfortable with that, then be sure that the iPhone you are getting is in fact Unlocked, and is 8GB.

    Also, in my box (I bought it sealed from Apple) I found:

    One iPhone unit
    One USB to 30-pin cable
    One USB Power Block
    One iPhone Dock
    One Screen Cleaner
    The manuals (not really a manual, but some starting out tips).

    If you don't get all of that in the box, then you have been ripped off. If you get more then hey cool! lol.

    I don't know much about Orange, but I'd bet that it'll work just the same. I wouldn't really trust any online sellers for the iPhone, excluding eBay [as they have a decent track record, just as long as you use paypal]. I have seen 'pre-modded' iPhones on eBay that are like I said 'pre-modded'. The problem is that you don't necessarily know what the 'hacker' did to the phone prior to shipping it, so it is really a crap shoot.
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    hi thanks for the info, i would buy a phone at an apple store but i dont want the contract.

    It will cost me less to buy from ebay, as all in from the apple store it will costs 1000 pounds due to the contract which i dont want.

    ok, so if i buy from ebay, its likely to be american model, so is it easy enough to fix it so it recognises caller ids here in the uk?


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    If you buy it from ebay, you should look at the seller's track record before you bid on the item. Sometimes you can get a good bargin. From the seller's track record, you can sure you will receive the item, and the condition of it.

    By the way, what is the difference between your call ID system and the US call ID?

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    But doesnt the UK activate their iPhones on itunes too? You wouldnt have to pay for a contract if you do.

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