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Thread: iPhone is freezing!! :/

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    Default iPhone is freezing!! :/

    Earlier this evening, I was installing a couple of new sources to my Installer, and trying to find som new decent apps that way. I dont really remember what apps I installed, except some kind of "PXL-plugin" for the Safari browser.

    After that, my iPhone has frozen - I can see the homescreen, and I can see that it is still alive and thinking sometimes, but I cant click anything on the screen, and i cant turn it off, set it in standby or anything like that - said in short, its totally screwed.

    Also, iTunes and iBrickr doesn't recognize it anymore, and I have tried resetting it by holding menu + turn off multiple times; this makes it reset, but doesn't solve any of my problems..

    Do any1 of you have any ideas on how to get it working again? :S

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    i have just got this problem aswell if someone could help that would be brilliant

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    agreed. i have read a ton of your posts where you just say email me. post it in the forums this is a community forums meant for sharing information amongst the community. It is not your email address's billboard . . . maybe i should just filter your email address?

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    Haha. You should be top secret and post all of his knowledge into the forums.


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    first download your fw ex if you have 1.0.2 then find and download it and save on your computer. You can probably search and find it in this forum.
    hold power and home button for like ten sec. then let go power and keep holding the home button for another ten sec. then your phone should be in restore. you should be able to goto itunes (7.3,2 I know works) and hold shift and click on restore (windows). Then just find the restore file and chose that. This should restore your phone and hopefully fix your problem. But search a little more or maybe wait and see if somebody confirms what I'm saying will work.

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