ok, so the apple stores in my area refused accepting cash, and I guess thats since the beginning of the week because i saw people buying them with cash last week. By the way I was even banned from one of the stores just because before i bought one I just asked if I can take a look of the box. Right after the guy said "well just because of that question, no iphone for you and you are not welcome in our store..?????
I don't know who trains this robots in the stores but they are acting like immigration or FBI or whatever )).

Anyways, here is my way out of that little issue. I have an AMEX business (simply cash) credit card (anyone can apply for it). It is wonderful card that has no fees, cashback at the end of the month and the best part of it is that you can add as many employee card holders as you want . The new employee card arrives in 1 day and you define the credit limit. So here I am i just issued an additional CC on the name of my roommate and sent him to the store to buy 2 (thats the limit per person here). Right after i canceled his card. I could repeat that with all my trusted friends if I need more iphones.

Just my silly idea that works perfect so far .