I bought 2 iPads years ago and they were great! Never had any problems... However, the wife lost hers on vacation last year. Mine has gradually become hers and I'm looking for a new device. I'm seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

What is the latest iPad that is available? When is the next one being released? What is the best bang for the buck? Always been an iPhone owner and that's the extent of my 'Apple' experience.

I can get a Tab 2 10.1 for $329. I looked on Amazon for an iPad to compare, but they all have different model numbers and other garbage, I have no idea what the newest iPad is, or when the next one will be released. All I know is people b*tched (like always) about how Apple released one and then another right after?! No idea. Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

iOS > Android