Hi, pardon if this is in the wrong section or if I've broken some other rule. I did search the forum, though if someone were to direct me to another more suitable venue I wouldn't be put off.

I'm having an issue seemingly similar to one experienced by others, but the normal fix isn't working.

Since re-jailbreaking with evasi0n (I did a factory restore first both times) my contacts are gone and won't resync. When I try with iTunes, I get the classic error "remapping record identifiers". Tried clearing the sync history in isync, not working. Tried syncing without contacts, then syncing with them -- nothing. Tried uploading everything to icloud and syncing from icloud. Made sure contacts were turned off in the icloud settings pane, synced, turned them back on, synced. I've tried loading them all from a vCard through mail. Tried an appstore app. Tried DiskAid. Even tried manually adding contacts, but I'm eternally stuck at 'no contacts'. In the contact app itself there isn't even a button to add them. I've been rebooting in between everything just to give it a chance to kick in.

It seems to me that I'm missing some critical registry or other file. DiskAid seems to understand that something is missing. That would explain why iTunes can't map and iCloud can push: there is nowhere for the info to go.

Perhaps there is a file I can repair, some terminal work, something I need to delete, but I can't seem to find these solutions anywhere.

Thank you in advance.

I'm running 6.1.2 on an iPad mini.