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Thread: Do you like iPad mini??

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    Default Do you like iPad mini??
    Apple has released iPad mini formally on Apple's launch event.
    One point is that it happened again, iPad mini looks like the rumor iPad mini. Another reveal like iPhone 5 copy the rumor iPhone 5. Another point, Apple can’t even think out a little new concept but add a retina screen and a7 even a8 cpu or smaller and bigger screen.
    Apple CEO said China was the area revealed Apple coming products most seriously. Some manufactures even put iPad Mini screen protectors on selling in advance, you can see it many shops such as iPad mini screen protectors
    Some people have predicted next generation iPad Mini 2, same size Retina screen and A6 cpu….nothing else.

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    I might like it in time however right now it is a step backwards as far as I am concerned compared to the 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
    I might like it in time however right now it is a step backwards as far as I am concerned compared to the 3rd and 4th generation iPads.
    Hmm, some of my friends that got the iPad 4 think that there are not much difference between the iPad 3 and iPad 4.
    Well, if want the light weight, and just would do with the iPad on checking email, surfing the web, using the Facebook app, some office apps, and things like that, Maybe an iPad mini is OK.
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    Great iDevice, I own an iPad 2 and 3 also and have been playing around the iPad mini for the last week or so. Feels great, small, lightweight and quick. Shame it's not a retina display, but this is currently in the works for a Summer release.

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    I just don't really see the point in an iPad Mini. I have an iPad and I'm content with that.

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    I went in-store and looked at it today. I liked how thin it was and I liked how it looked more like the iPhone 5 in terms of color and appearance.

    I didn't like the fact that the screen made me feel like I was looking at an iPad 2 all over again. I also think it feels odd how the display is closer to the edges, but not the top and bottom.

    The iPad Mini is certainly not made to be the "next" iPad. It's made to compete with the kindle fire, nook, and other subsidized tablets that a student may need as an e-reader and entertainment device.

    I would still recommend the fully-featured iPad with retina display to anyone wanting to get the most out of an iPad.

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    i have i pad 2 and would say that its just awesome to have with us and when i looked at i pad mini i was amazed at its look its small lightweight and cute in its look.....

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    I have Ipad 2 and i think it's been working perfectly . But then , being light weight is a definite advantage for iPad mini.

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