The icon I'm currently trying to alter is AVPlayerHD.
The theme I've got is boss.ipad SD (ipad2)
I'm on iOS 5.0.1

Basically I've tried placing the files in the folder part in (file names are correct) it does change the icon but puts the overlay on it (the icon has a wire that is meant to come out so I don't want the overlay)

Next tried the bundles version.
New folder named
Both files put in there. Again it applies the overlay that I don't want but the icon does change.

The 3rd way works but the icon is huge!
Make a folder called icons in the main theme folder. Place the files renamed to AVPlayerHD.png and [email protected].
Icon works with no overlay but as I stated its huge.

Can anyone offer advice on how to change this icon so I don't get the overlay or it's a normal size (for the 3rd way)?

Thanks in advance for any help.