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Thread: What can you do with a developer account?

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    Default What can you do with a developer account?
    I'm kind of curious, besides the obvious like developing apps. Could you install Cydia if you had a developer iPad? Im assuming it let's you install and run unsigned code so that you can test out games and stuff, so I would think you could install all kinds of tweaks and stuff right? I'm very uneducated when it comes to developer accounts so I'm probably wrong, but I'm still curious.

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    I never had a dev account, I (think) it lets you get access to more features and I believe you need to have it in order to sumbit apps, also doesn't it also come with some dev kit and a emualter to test your apps?

    That's what I have seen but don't hold it to me ^_^

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    Yea I think it comes with some sort of emulator for testing. It comes with Xcode too, which I think among other things let's you sign apps you've developed so you can test them on your iPad. Idk though.

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    Anyone can get XCode, I have it, it costs like $5.00 in the Mac App Store. You couldn't install Cydia through a Dev account, or everyone would do it. I take that back, you could install the actual Cydia GUI but it wouldn't do anything, afaik though I may be wrong. One reason I see non-devs purchase a Dev account is to be able to access the beta firmwares, also to sell their UDID slots too.

    Sort of off topic: If you are looking to learn how to program for Mac or iOS, XCode is pretty nice. I am using it as my IDE as I learn how to develop in C++. It will come in handy when I feel comfortable enough with C++ to start on Obj-C (iOS language for those who don't know). I have a loooong way to go, I am on pointers right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post
    Anyone can get XCode, I have it, it costs like $5.00 in the Mac App Store.
    Its free for Lion. Snow Lepoard had to pay for it.

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    Yea, I forgot Xcode is on the Mac AppStore. I definitely want to learn more about programming, I know VERY little right now, but I don't have a Mac so I can't use the SDK. I was JW about the Cydia thing, I figured no since like you said everyone would do it, but still had to ask. Thanks to everybody for answering.

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