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Thread: PerPageHTML on Ipad

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    Default PerPageHTML on Ipad
    Hi there,

    first of all i apologize if this topic has already discussed, but i swear i have been looking yesterday and today (on different forums).

    My problem is simple: i have perpagehtml+ on my iPhone and it works fine, i though i could have used it also on my iPad2 but unfortunately it looks like the widgets are not diplay correctly...they are not displayed at all! :_(

    I have read that this is due to the res differences between the iPhone and iPad and somebody suggested that if you put the widget on page 5 you will see them on the Home Screen...well does not work for me, the only place where i am able to put widget is the SpotLight :_(

    any help? is there any configuration file that can be changed on perpagehtml so to make it "compatible" with the iPad (i found found some plist file with res details in, but i am not sure) or is there anything else i can do? (i have see screenshots of ppl having their widget showed on the home screen, so there must be a way...i hope).

    Thank You.

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    Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I am having similar issues. I can get the widget to display but is often on a different page and never centered.

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    I've been working on this for a while. I don't think the tweak itself is able set to display the widgets at the proper dimensions. I'm still looking, and I'll report back.

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    Hi, enjoying the forums and the widgets made available by some of the great posters here. Thanks for that.

    I'm also having issues trying to scale the HTCAnimatedWeather widget into the PerpageHTML on my Ipad 3. Can I change the settings to increase the resolution somewhere? Thx!

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    Hey guys
    I used perpagehtml for a long time.
    At first, the free version works better than the + one.
    With the free version, you can't interact with the widgets or move them. Why ? Because this app is made for iPhone, that's why when you want to place your widgets, you can place your iPhone or iPod on the screen and count the pages. Check my screenshot for an exemple of what can be done.

    But I'm not using it anymore. Why ? Widgets are outdated, and not fun. Dashboard x is amazing. Check this thread for more info :


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