Hey All -

I'm trying to find a cheap replacement for the back cover of an iPad Wifi 32gb (silver.) I've searched online at parts stores and ebay, but they are expensive! Thought someone here may have an idea.

Here's why...

So I use my iPad like crazy. I love everything about it (if jailbroken) and have had it for about 5 months now.

Last Friday, I came home from work and had to take the trash out. I placed it on the hood of my car while I did so. Evedentally, I forgot about it until later that night. I tried to find it and remembered that I may had not gotten it off the car. Unfortunatly, I had already since driven to the drug store in the pouring rain!

I went outside in the rain - it wasn't on my hood. I then drove the path I take to the drugstore and finally found it in the road at the entrance to my subdivision. It was in the middle of the road - run over and soaked. I was sick.

Anyways - even though run over, the screen wasn't damaged. The back, though, (pictured) is in pretty rough shape.

Any ideas on where to get one for cheap that looks OEM?