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Thread: GarageBand Midi controllers

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    Default GarageBand Midi controllers
    so i was going thru apple site wondering why my mixes was not opening on garageband and found out they have to update garageband the meantime , if you have an ipad camera connection kit, you can connect a midi controller and use it nicely. here is a list of devices that work and dont:

    Devices that work:

    Akai LPD8
    Akai APC-40 (via powered USB hub)
    Akai LPK25 (has power issues)
    Akai Synthstation 49
    Alesis DM10
    Alesis Photon X25
    Alesis Q25
    Alesis Q49 (works via USB bus – no external power necessary)
    Aturia Analog Factory CME Controller Keyboard
    Audiotrak MIDI Mate
    American Audio VMS4 DJ (works with power supply, audio on channel 1 works also)
    Axon AX 50
    Behringer BCF2000 (experiment with output ‘modes’, U-4 works well for in & out)
    Behringer BCR2000 (experiment with output ‘modes’, U-4 works well for in & out)
    Behringer UMA25S (audio & MIDI)
    Behringer UMX25
    Behringer UMX490
    Carillon M1X1
    Dave Smith Instruments Tetr4
    Digitech GNX4 (audio & MIDI)
    DSI Mopho Keyboard
    Doepfer Dark Energy
    Doepfer Dark Time
    E-MU Xmidi 2×2
    EDIROL PCR-M80 (use settings to set USB driver to ‘generic’ [see instruction manual] – thanks Lorenzo!)
    EDIROL PCR-1 (via USB Hub, audio interface also works)
    EDIROL PCR-A30 (via adaptor or USB Hub, audio doesn’t work)
    EDIROL PCR-30 (set USB mode driver to ‘generic’)
    EDIROL PCR-300 (set USB mode driver to ‘generic’)
    EDIROL PCR-800 (set USB mode driver to ‘generic’)
    EDIROL UA-25EX (via USB hub, audio only)
    EDIROL UM-1ex (set USB mode driver to ‘generic’)
    EDIROL UM-2ex (NB: Roland UM-2 [not EDIROL] does not work)
    Elektron TM-1
    ESI M8U
    ESI Midimate II
    HDE USB->MIDI Cable ($5 on Amazon!)
    Kawai MP8II
    Korg KP3 KAOSS PAD
    Korg Kaossilator Pro (instruction manual [PDF] has useful info for settings)
    Korg K25
    Korg microSAMPLER & microKONTROL
    Korg M3
    Korg M50
    Korg microKEY 37 (via USB hub)
    Korg MicroX
    Korg nanoKEY, nanoPAD & nanoControl
    Korg RADIUS
    Korg Triton TR Series
    Korg X50
    Kurzweil PC3
    Line 6 Pocket POD (MIDI only)
    LogiLink USB MIDI Cable
    Mackie -2
    Mistar MidiLink (may need a few tries to be recognized)
    M-Audio Axiom Pro 61
    M-Audio Oxygen 61
    M-Audio Prokeys Sono 61
    M-Audio Prokeys 88
    M-Audio Prokeys 88SX
    M-Audio Uno 1×1 (Note: older models when M-Audio was called Midiman do not work. M-Audio changed name in 2002, newer/current models work fine. See comments for more detail.)
    M-Audio Keystation Pro-88
    M-Audio KeyRig
    M-Audio XSession Pro
    M-Audio Venom (USB audio works well, MIDI a little patchy)
    Moog Little Phatty Stage II
    Moog Multipedal (Moog’s MIDI In get’s routed into the iPad also)
    Novation Remote 25 LE
    Novation Remote SL series
    Novation X-Station (with power adaptor)
    Novation Xio 25 (audio & MIDI)
    Presonus Audiobox USB (audio & MIDI)
    Prodipe Midi USB 1i1o
    Roland FP-7F
    Roland HP 305
    Roland Lucina
    Roland Octapad SPD-30
    Sonuus i2M Musicport
    Studiologic VMK-161 (via powered hub)
    Terratec Axon AX 50
    Turtle Beach USB MIDI 1×1 (via powered hub, sometimes works without)
    V-Machine VST Player
    Waldorf Blofeld (desktop version)
    Zoom H4n (audio only)
    The following devices do not work:

    Access Virus TI2
    Akai MPD16
    Akai Synthstation
    CME UF8
    EDIROL UA-20
    EDIROL SC-8850
    Emagic MT-4
    Emagic Unitor MkII
    E-MU Xboard 49
    Evolution UC33
    Hercules DJ Console MK1
    Line 6 POD XT Live
    Livid Block
    M-Audio Axiom 25 (1st Gen)
    M-Audio Midisport 4×4
    M-Audio Radium 61
    Midiman Midisport 4×4
    M-Audio Oxygen V2
    M-Audio Oxygen 8 (1st generation)
    MidiMan MIDISport 2×2 (note the MidiMan – pre M-Audio)
    MOTU MIDI Express 128
    Native Instruments Trakor S4 Kontrol
    Native Instruments Maschine
    Novation Launchpad
    Novation Remote 25/37 (older model can sometimes work with a firmware update [see comments], the SL or LE models do work – thanks Robman84)
    Roland JUNO-Gi
    Roland UM-1S
    Yamaha MO8

    soure: Devices | iOS MIDI

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    Exclamation Akai LPK25 + Ipad
    Hi z3r01,

    i have one ipad and i'm looking to buy one akai lpk25 to work with camera connection kit. i saw in your list that they dont work together because of power issues. Have another way to work with lpk25 and ipad? an powered usb hub?



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    Thanks for this list! Very helpful.
    @johnwmarshall4 - I make Remote Conductor and occasionally blog.

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    Im using the m-audio prokeys 61 sono with the ipad 2, not finding it to be very stable with GB at all. Takes a few plays with the physical configuration (usb adaptor, line out to speaker) to get it going at all, then the signal eventually starts to become clipped and noisy before dissapearing. This happens faster if you change instruments a few times (clav's the worst culprit) or start to record your playing.

    After that, GB stops recognising the sono, it will also not generate any sound when using the touch screen - needing a restart and then its back to square 1.

    Been using the iMS20 too, also a bugger to get going initially (plugging the line out in seems to affect this, which surprised me), but is more stable once running with the sono.

    I have the firmware update on the sono (not sure of the version, think there's only been the one so far) - anyone have any advice?

    Thanks for the list!

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