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Thread: Document Handeling Location?

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    Default Document Handeling Location?
    i am really enjoying the iPad now that i have things like attachment, iFile, rar, zip, etc... support.

    i am actually very close to it replacing my day to day needs and find i need my macbook pro less and less outside of work.

    my question is that i have a lot of work related documents that i would like to keep on my iPad and am not sure what the best way to handle them is?

    here is my setup and maybe someone can give me some suggestions:

    on my macbook i have:

    - a folder named "Work"
    - inside there i have folders labeled things like "contracts", "marketing", "proposals", client names, etc... and inside these i have Word docs. Pages docs, PDF's, Keynote docs, etc it the usual stuff

    i would like to be able to just drag that folder over with SSH or whatever to the iPad so that i can have access to everything i have on my Macbook and i wasnt sure where i can put them so that they can be opened by the various programs like Pages, Docs to Go, Keynote, etc.. on the iPad and then saved back to their original location?

    i also was thinking how i would maintain the changes i make on either the Macbook or the iPad so that they would be available on the other. i have a 20GB iDisk storage location but it doesnt seem like that would work out as i can not download/upload files to that with iDisk or OneDisk from the iPad (i think that is crazy FYI). i was also thinking about Google Docs or but would prefer my iDisk since it syncs and keeps the files local on my Macbook which would seem to be the best solution. i also signed up over at which is still in beta but i am not sure how that all works and it only gives you 1GB of storage so i am not sure about it as a solution either.

    my goal is to be able to grab my iPad only on short work trips and have what i need with me from my "Work" folder and also be able to access it with the appropriate programs on the iPad to work with them and then save them back to that location updating the file.

    i hope what i am looking to do and asking for suggestions makes sense to anyone reading this and look forward to any suggestion.

    so basically:

    1. where should i store all of this on the iPad?
    2. is there a simple syncing solution for my Macbook?

    thanks for any help or suggestions
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