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Thread: iPad is an OD

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    Lightbulb iPad is an OD
    OD: Opinion Device

    Why? Well, like any other device, the iPad will fit into people's lives very differently, for example, Technological people will probably not want one as they were reading all of the rumours and were let down, But people like my brother and sister, Really want one because it does everything they want. They had no expectations so they didn't get let down. Personally, I couldn't give a hoot about the lack of Flash and Multitasking, as I would only really use it for education and web browsing. So my point is, it is targeted for different people, different people will buy it, different people will love it, different people will hate it.

    My Guide on who will probably buy an iPad (P.S these are based on my research)

    Technological Person:

    Possibility: 1/5
    Model: 64GB Wifi+3G
    Reason: Because the majority had way to high expectations, just because it's Apple.


    Possibility: 3/5
    Model: 16GB Wifi
    Reason: With the big screen and the Brushes app downloaded for on-the-go work, they could have a nice little set-up.

    Un-Tech Savy Person:

    Possibility: 4/5
    Model: 16GB Wifi
    Reason: Because they had no expectations what so ever, and to tell the truth (though I am a fanboy) it is a very attractive device with some features that work very well.


    Possibility: 3/5
    Model: 16GB Wifi+3G
    Reason: It will be great for Keynotes, Documents and on-the-go work when traveling without carrying around a netbook or laptop.

    University Student/Teacher:

    Possibility: 4/5
    Model: 32GB Wifi
    Reason: iWork. Uni Students need iWork for any sort of project they have to do. Plus the Note-taking, Web Browsing and Socialising all while in class.

    Apple Fan Boy Person:

    Possibility: 5/5
    Model: Any
    Reason: They don't need one, a reason that is or the iPad for that matter

    So these are my views on who will probably get an iPad and for what reason.

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    Nice review. I agree with most of it

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    What u say is true

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    Thats basically what i think. People may complain about things like flash and it being and oversized iphone etc. but i have talked to people who where looking for something to browse the web or check their emails and for them this is pretty much perfect if they are willing to shell out the extra dough.

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    wow thats a very vague generalization...
    Everything made in this world will be loved and hated by different types of people....

    Here is the category i think should be mentioned lol,
    Look what i got!
    possibility: 90% purchases
    model: any
    reason: to show off they got the newest thing. And since a big company like apple is releasing it, it makes it the best product ever!!!! its sooo cool!!!!!!!!

    im more of a tech guy, and i dont think i would get one(unless alot of changes are made lol)
    I didnt even know about the ipad until like maybe 2weeks ago. So i wasnt let down by anything. And i dont hate the ipad. I just hate the people who think this is the greatest and most revolutionary device every made...

    and about your categories,
    -artist? how the hell are you going to make art on this? i have a drawing app on my ipod(screen size wouldnt change anything but having a bigger canvas) and drawing great artwork accurately is not possible.

    -business? maybe a very very limited few things you could do. But i think for real productivity you need a laptop or maybe a netbook.

    -students? well the only reason is for maybe to make others envious? i dont see how this would really help students in very many subjects that a laptop couldnt.. Yes lets try 3d rendering on a ipad lol

    and its not really more portable then a laptop/netbook.The ipad can not fit in your pocket, so you will probably get a carrying case for it, just like you would a laptop.

    i think if someone doesnt own an ipod touch, then it might be a really nice product(though its not as portable as an ipod so you cant like go for a jog with it..)

    It cant do anything special that the ipod touch or a laptop cant do. This is just some extra piece of eye candy that wouldnt help me in any way,shape,or form.

    I think this is a device that helps lazy people the most. People who cant carry 5lbs of a laptop. People who want to do something in another room but dont want to take 5secs to unplug their laptop.

    but sorry, im not a conformist. Just because apple tells me its a revolutionary awesome product and i need to go buy it, doesnt mean i am going to blindly go buy it like most people.

    I would rather go put this $500+ towards a new core i7,1gb video,1080p laptop before even considering this...

    Quote Originally Posted by JStraitiff View Post
    Thats basically what i think. People may complain about things like flash and it being and oversized iphone etc. but i have talked to people who where looking for something to browse the web or check their emails and for them this is pretty much perfect if they are willing to shell out the extra dough.
    i can see people like app devs being excited. They have another means of making money lol

    people want to only go on the web should maybe invest in and look up a netbook+chrome OS
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    wow so i should just buy something to fit my needs.

    here i was thinking i want something that can do as much as possible so i don't need 10 different devices.
    take the iphone for example it is my phone, photo camera, video recorder,organizer, agenda and manny manny more things.
    But if i take your view on things i should just buy a phone a agenda a camcorder.... and so on.

    you know what is annoying, people who kind of know that the ipad lacks key features both in software and hardware and try to make these topics like hey haters and that is YOUR opinion.

    get your head out of your you know what.
    i own a netbook with nvidia ion capabilities already and that ipad is not going to come close to replace what i need from my portable computer.

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