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Thread: ipad running mac osx

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    Default ipad running mac osx
    if the ipad ends up getting jailbroken,and it probably will,can the replacement of the original iphone os to mac osx operating system be achieved successfully ? can mac osx respond to the touchscreen commands??????

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    Don't think it will work. OSX doesn't have software written for an on screen touch keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Don't think it will work. OSX doesn't have software written for an on screen touch keyboard.
    well some company have made a touchscreen for a osx and have it in video proof
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    You're refering to the axitron modbook

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    As far as I know OS X doesnt support ARM architecture; only Intel and (unofficially) AMD. So unless someone makes a new kernel it won't work
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    Its not happening.

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    if that was possible, we'd have android on iphones. and we don't.

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    Perhaps Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Runs on ARM.

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    Will I be able to run Windows 7on the iPad?
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    @posiedon it is possible to get OSX on touchscreen pcs and many tablet pcs. Then in osx in the statusbar (forget wat it looks like) theres an icon that you can press and the a dropdown menu will come up with an option to "show keyboard viewer" which brings up a fullsize onscreen keyboard that you can click on with a mouse (or in this case your fingers). In this way, on a hackintoshed tablet pc OSX DOES support a touchscreen onscreen keyboard so I dont see why this or any other form of onscreen keyboard wouldnt work as long as you can get full touchscreen compatibility with the right kexts and stuff. Of course getting OSX on the ipad would be a much different and more difficult procedure than that of hackintoshing a pc with existing bootloaders and kexts. However, I have already set up a forum over @ and in and sent some emails to the dev team and saurik to get a project started to "jailbreakintosh" this device. This would work becuase if the dev team can come up with a jailbreak for this device they can find the exploits to get the hackintoshers the ability to run the bootloader software on this device. (however, existing bootloaders such as chameleon would need to be ported to debian [.deb] format to be installed through cydia and such) Of course this is just the basics and rough ideas of how this will work but to get this to actually work out and get the ipad running its "proper" os (snow leopard) it require a dedicated team working on this project as well as many others helping out. Pm me if you wanna join the team or help out. Any addtionally ideas of how we might go about this would be appreciated (:
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    Probably not

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    Probablly not what? Its entirely possible... Itll just take a lot of work and a dedicated team

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    snow leo...PLEASE PLEASE get this done with your people lol lol ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    Probablly not what? Its entirely possible... Itll just take a lot of work and a dedicated team
    Running Darwin on ARM sure but I fail to see how it's possible to run Mac OS X 10.6 on an ARM architecture (since it's x86_64)? It would at least require some sort of emulation/VM layer? Or am I wrong? Enlighten me please?

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    You probably know more than me... Lol I hackintoshed a couple netbooks but Im personally not a programmer. sorry if I seemed misleading at all but It just seemed logical and possible if you could install OSX through cameleon bootloader and the such on an arm processosor through the existing hackintosh software to get a retail snow leopard running on windows then I thought it would be possible to convert the software to debain format to be able to doenload to the device via cydia. Another issue would be the fact that there isnt even a usb port let alone a dvd drive on the device so the snow leopard iso and stuff would have to be transferred to the device in some other way. Correct me if Im completely wrong and this is impossible but does that not seem like it could be potentially logical?

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    Umm no the ipad only has a 1GHz processor that has to process everything including graphics. A standard mac book/pro has a 2.33GHz duo processor and a separate GPU. Hell the ipad processing power is a joke. But hey I guess it will out power my DS that's a plus right?

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    Hello, looking at specs for running sl on the ipad I wouldn't think it's such a good idea but what about 10.5.8 or dare I say 'xp' these both run ok on arround 800mhz processors and 256 - 512mb of ram... Wouldn't they be a better place to start?


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    Mac is to complicated windows we run it on iPhone!

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    if you can emulate a boot loader for windows for it it will also be possible for the same thing to be done for OS x just like a hackintosh... This seems perfectly possible and also the ipad will have a optional 30 pin dock adaptor keyboard meaning a keyboard coule be used with it... It all seems possible so lets see what people can do!


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    il believe it when i see it. im thinking the HP slate and some windows 7. i will be able to run osx on that ;p
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