I did a DFU restore and updated to 7.0.6, then used the new evasion 7-1.0.6 to re jailbreak. I then reinstalled all the same apps and tweaks I have been running. After doing this if I try to Physical Therapy a icon in the dock it crashes to safe mode every time. After a lot of trouble shooting I found that the problem seems to be related to IconSupport, I am using more icons to put five icons in the dock. As long as IconSupport is installed it crashes every time I try to put a icon in the dock.

Honestly I don't know if Icon Support was installed before. I didn't install it today , it must have been installed along with something else, if I act like I'm going to remove it, Gridlock, More icons and folder enhancer will be removed with it. I'm wondering if there is a problem with compatibility with 7.0.6 or something.

Is anyone else having any problems, or does anyone have any ideas ?