Hello guys,

So I have my iPhone 4 Rooted (NOT Jailbroken) and I want to speed up the animations of the iPhone. Is there a filesystem file I can edit to speed the animations up? I did some research and what FakeClockUp does, is what I can't find anywhere (cause it's a Substrate add-on, right?)

So, this is my research:

According to the source code of FakeClockUp, the settings in the PreferenceLoader does the following:
                        <string>duration</string> So, This is the Duration set trigger, right?
                        <string>Animation Speed</string>
                                <string>x 5.0</string>
                                <string>x 3.3</string>
                                <string>x 2.5</string>
                                <string>x 2.0</string>
                                <string>x 1.6</string>
                                <string>x 1.4</string>
                                <string>x 1.2</string>
                                <string>x 1.1</string>
                                <string>x 1.0</string>
                                <string>x 1/2</string>
                                <string>x 1/3</string>
                                <string>x 1/4</string>
                                <string>x 1/5</string>
                                <string>x 1/6</string>
                                <string>x 1/7</string>
                                <string>x 1/8</string>
                                <string>x 1/9</string>
                                <string>x 1/10</string>
The settings are linked to the Tweak.xm file, which does the following:

static float durMulti = 1.0;
static BOOL FCEditing = NO;
static BOOL disableOnEdit = YES;

%hook CAAnimation
- (void)setDuration:(NSTimeInterval)duration
  if (FCEditing && disableOnEdit) {
    %orig(duration);      // So this is where the duration 'Key' from the settings comes in //
  } else {
    %orig(duration * durMulti);
Source: https://github.com/novi/FakeClockUp

So, My question is: How do I do this without Jailbreaking, but with just editing the filesystem?