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Thread: Cydget and database driven Winterboard bug - NEED HELP

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    Default [SOLVED]Cydget and database driven Winterboard bug - NEED HELP
    I need help to find a bug!
    It is about a bug that stops database driven winterboard themes to work after installing cydget. I spoke with Saurik and he wanted database error messages, also suggesting to replace the "alert" javascript call with "document.write" in the database error functions because Winterboard does not allow "alert" calls. However I have been unsucessfull in getting any error messages, either onscreen or in log files to pass on to Saurik.
    If anybody wants to help squashing this bug you can reproduce the bug very easily.
    All you need are:
    A spare A4 iPhone/iPod (iPhone 4 or iPod 3 or iPhone 3GS).
    shsh blobs for 6.1.2 to create a stiched 6.1.2 ipsw, so that you can restore to a clean 6.1.2 at any time.
    Here is what I have been doing
    I did a full and clean restore of iOS 6.1.2 on my iPod4, then jailbroke it with evasion 1.5.3. Installed Gridlock2, Openssh, Lockscreen Clock Hide, Lockscreen Dim Delay, iFile, Winterboard, MYO-weather v.2 ( repo) and Slideshow6.1 ( repo)with Cydia.
    Both Winterboard themes are database driven. I renamed LockBackground.html in the Slideshow 6.1 into Wallpaper.html, so that I have a slideshow of wallpapers on the home screen. Set both databases for both themes and after a respring both themes work perfect as they should be. Now I made a backup with iTunes. After that I installed cydget through Cydia, which resprings after installation and I can see the Welcome cydget on top of a working MYO2 lockscreen theme. Unlocking and Slideshow6.1 also works as it should be.
    Here comes the weired part:
    If I reboot or respring both winterboard themes stopped working, all I see are black screens.
    If I restore the backup I made before installing cydget, both winterboard themes work normal as before. Reboot or respring and they only show black screens. Restore the backup and they work again .... and so on. I can reproduce this behaviour any time with 100% result.
    If I uninstall cydget, actually I uninstall cycript as this uninstalls cydgets as well, so basically set the iPod4 into the same state it was before installing cydget, the winterboard themes still do not work, which makes me think that the uninstall process has left something behind. Only when I restore the iTunes backup do the themes work again.
    So I tried to install cydget and after the initial respring the themes still work, I uninstalled cydget (with cycript) straight away with cydia. Again cydia resprings and the themes do not work again. Restore the iTunes backup and they work again.

    Here some screenshots

    First WITHOUT Cydget


    Home screen

    AFTER Cydget installed, BUT no respring or reboot


    AFTER Cydget installed and respring or reboot


    AnyView cydget, shows the original Winterboard lockscreen theme

    Home screen

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