I just recently got into jailbreaking my iPhone with this new evasion exploit, though I did theme my original iPod and iPod Touches. I'm also a backend web developer, so I was extremely excited to see that theming lockscreens and wallpapers is essentially done via an HTML5 app. Now, that said, there's not much of the internal iPhone process data you can access via Javascript. More like almost nothing. This is really disappointing, as with such a bridge between Javascript and the core internals one could really do some dizzying stuff... theme-able notifications, media controls, settings widgets, etc. etc. (I realize that some of these are already possible, but they can be accomplished in a much better fashion).

Here are a couple of my thoughts that I'll throw out there:
- An app that essentially acts as a local server, providing REST endpoints corresponding to data points... ex:
Would return a JSON array of current notifications.

- An includable JS file that somehow interacts with ObjC

And that's pretty much all I can think of currently. Is this even possible, or is this a pipe dream? I've attempted to put a websocket in my lock screen, however that didn't work, so I'm not sure these UIWebViews are fully powered webkit renders.

Any thoughts? I feel like there is great opportunity here.