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Thread: How to Remove Cydia Ads?

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Hows the SBS one doing in Cydia? By size means i see theres quite a lot of "sources" its deleting but at least its still keeping them.
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    Hows the SBS one doing in Cydia? By size means i see theres quite a lot of "sources" its deleting but at least its still keeping them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketheburrito View Post
    I wonder what the best way is for checking differences between two files on my phone...
    If you can use a PC, download Beyond Compare. It will show differences side by side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pakitos View Post
    Hows the SBS one doing in Cydia?
    After letting SBSettings 'fix' the new hosts file, many of the banner ads reappear in Cydia.

    Quote Originally Posted by King_O_Hill View Post
    If you can use a PC, download Beyond Compare. It will show differences side by side.
    Thanks for the tip - Beyond Compare is really handy! I just used it to find the differences between the "hosts_NEW" & "hosts_SBSfixed" files.

    I've pasted these differences below. (Dashes simply denote 'filtered lines' - sections where no differences were detected.)

    All of these lines were removed via SBSettings 'patching' the hosts file. No entries were added. (In other words, all of these lines are present in "hosts_NEW" but were removed in "hosts_SBSfixed")

    Code: a.qwapi.com                     
    --------------------------------------------- ads.mp.mydas.mobi               
    --------------------------------------------- androidsdk.ads.mp.mydas.mobi    
    --------------------------------------------- bank01.ads.dt.mydas.mobi    bank01.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank01.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank01.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank01.mi.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank02.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank02.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank02.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank02.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank03.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank03.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank03.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank03.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank03.mi.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank04.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank04.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank04.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank04.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank05.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank05.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank05.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank05.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank06.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank06.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank06.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank06.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank07.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank07.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank07.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank07.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank08.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank08.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank08.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank08.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank09.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank09.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank09.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank09.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank1.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank10.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank10.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank10.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank10.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank11.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank11.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank11.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank11.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank12.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank12.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank12.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank12.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank13.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank13.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank13.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank13.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank14.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank14.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank15.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank15.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank15.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank15.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank15.mi.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank16.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank16.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank16.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank16.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank17.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank17.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank17.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank17.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank18.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank18.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank18.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank18.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank19.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank19.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank19.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank19.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank20.ads.dt.mydas.mobi bank20.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank20.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank20.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank21.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank21.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank22.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank22.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank23.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank23.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank24.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank24.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank25.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank25.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank26.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank26.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank27.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank27.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank28.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank28.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank29.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank29.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank30.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank30.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank31.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank31.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank32.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank32.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank33.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank33.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank34.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank35.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank35.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank36.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank36.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank37.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank37.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank37.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank38.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank38.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank39.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank39.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank40.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank40.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank41.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank41.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank42.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank42.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank43.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank43.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank43.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank44.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank44.clicks.mp.mydas.mobi bank44.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank45.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank46.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank47.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank48.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank49.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank50.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank51.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank52.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank53.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank54.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank55.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank56.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank57.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank58.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank59.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank60.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank61.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi bank62.mi.ads.mp.mydas.mobi
    --------------------------------------------- golds.lp.mydas.mobi             
    --------------------------------------------- lp.mp.mydas.mobi            lp.mydas.mobi
    --------------------------------------------- mm.admob.com                    
    --------------------------------------------- mydas.mobi                  mydas.mobi.autocrickets.com mydas.mobi.hostlogr.com mydas.mobi.visualizetraffic.com
    --------------------------------------------- progressive.lp.mydas.mobi       

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    found this which seems to offer a fix of disabling the adblock toggle from sbsettings. Its from 2009-2010 though so it may not solve the issue now.

    edit: looks like I linked to a place i shouldnt have. apologies.

    heres the quote from the thread tho.

    I noticed a problem when having both applications installed.
    When in SBSettings you click on "More" button, it appears a popup saying:

    With two buttons under it saying: "YES, Fix Me" or "NO".

    If clicking "YES", the popup closes, but even after respringing and rebooting the device, the "More" dialog of SBSettings isn't available. That popup appears every time!

    That's because the author blocked the use of the app (which is ad supported) if an ad blocker is installed.

    If you uninstalll AdBl0ck, the original etc/hosts file is restored, and you can open the "More" dialog again.

    I'd like to know if there's a way to "patch" SBSettings to work even with Adbl0ck installed.


    You can either install a patched SBSettings (I downloadedf from the forums). Its somewhere in the forum, but you can download it from here too.

    Or you can disable adblock from sbsettings and then it works again.
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