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Thread: Tweak that makes the iPhone change its Lock Screen wallpaper when wrong passcode.

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    Lightbulb Tweak that makes the iPhone change its Lock Screen wallpaper when wrong passcode.
    I want my iPhone changing it's lock screen wallpaper when someone enters the wrong passcode.

    Does anyone know a tweak/coding that does that?

    thx in advance.

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    Today I made a gif showing how this tweak would work;

    Does anyone here knows how to make this tweak become an reality?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -iphone.gif  

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    I made a gif to give you guys an idea of what Im talking about...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -iphone.gif  

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    In sure it could be done. But I'm no good when it comes to code and all that other stuff wish I was. But like I said I'm sure this can be done. Maybe someone will come in here and put the two cents in.

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    Im sure it can be done too; but I don't know anything about coding either :/. I hope someone does this tweak... I sure would pay the two cents :P

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    If someone is interested on making a tweak out of my ideia feel free to do it
    I made some specifications to make the tweak less confusing.

    As seen on the gif, the tweak would simply change the lock screen wallpaper when someone enters the wrong password, but, when you get the right password, the previous wallpaper would come back. In my example, there is the blue wallpaper there, when i get the wrong password, it changes to the black wallpaper, and when I get the password right, the next time I come back to the lock screen, the blue wallpaper would be there.

    GIF: 1ytf6.gif at Free Image Hosting

    Thanks in advance, I hope someone helps me with this tweak.

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    Sorry, I can't be of much help, but out of curiosity, what theme is that in your gif? Is it possible just to get the clear keypad?

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    It's not a theme; yes it is possible. Just make an image on photoshop or download one image and than replace it in the iPhone file system.
    The iPhone keypad is located at (you can get there using iFile or any ssh program); make an .png image and than, in the case of the numeric pad name it "[email protected]~iphone.png" for the keypad and "[email protected]~iphone.png" for the pressed keys (which can be found at the same place); replace both images and you are good to go

    PS: If you want to make everything there transparent in the numeric/keypad, also replace the "[email protected]~iphone.png" file to an all transparent image file (also found at

    Im sorry, but I sold my iPhone yesterday... My iPhone 5 is arriving Monday (4th of march)... When I get my iPhone 5 I can tell you more specifically the location of the files and the name of the keypad; because I only know the numeric keypad... but anyway; I've attached my files for you if you want to use it... but it's kind of different from the gift; I have done a little "upgrade" to it and I think it is "perfect" for IOS 6 now...

    The slide to unlock knob can be changed at "TelephonyUI.framework" same for the LCDBar.png and other files... don't forget to backup before doing this!! I do not recommend for you to make those changes in your iPhone filesystem without little knowledge of it. I am not responsible for any bugs/crashes/bricking your device; but if something bad happens, don't worry; its an easy fix. ask me and I''II help you
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