I was trying to modify SystemSoundBehavior.plist and SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist to try out how a haptic keyboard felt and now I seem to have NO notification sounds except my Phones Ringtone and Alarms.

I did make a backup of the two plists and have restored them and did a reboot (and resprings) but still no luck. I've checked the following:

  1. Headphone connected/disconnected (doesn't matter, no notifications either way)
  2. Bluetooth Dock connected/disconnected (same as headphones)
  3. Mute Switch on/off
  4. Software Mute on/off (NCSettings)

Does anyone have a copy of the default 5.1.1 SystemSoundBehavior and SystemSoundVibrationPatterns plists that I can try restoring or any other ideas on what might be causing this?

I did install Haptic pro but I've now removed it but the problem existed before this.