I am an ios themer and have developed such themes as 1FruityHD, Herero, Siri AudioBars, Siri Amplifier, Colores and many more. i have been working on a brand new siri theme that is unlike any other. But i need assistance modding siri for the iPhone 4S. So let me explain what it is i need. In order to create a siri mic animation i have to create every single frame with the image dimensions of 118x118. this is not the problem. the problem is that i am not able to go beyond the dimensions of 118x118 so for instance if i wanted to animate the entire siri pocket are, i cant. even if i make the frames larger it will only show the portions of 118x118. heres an image that can better explain what it is im looking for.-img_0847.jpg I am looking for a developer that can somehow do this and also be able to attach the tweak files to my siri theme. im willing to pay money in exchange for help with this.

you can contact me via Imessage: [email protected] for more details and if your willing to help me.