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Thread: Need Help with slight mod to Toyans G.O.C theme

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    Default Need Help with slight mod to Toyans G.O.C theme
    I have this theme and I am extremely happy with it. My problem is that I come from a small country town that does not have a Yahoo weather code. I use the one for the nearest larger town. So i get the name of that town on my wallpaper, not mine. This may sound pedantic but in the widget for the app i can find the line to increase the font of this town but cannot replace it with my own. What I would dearly love to do is keep the weather code for the town but change the name that is displayed, or alternatively make it invisible with a clear font color.

    Any help is appreciated.

    PS. its Toyvans
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    I don't really think this is possible since it's using Yahoo weather codes, therefore it's fetching it from Yahoo's servers. I honestly don't think you could change it.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, this is just my stance on it.
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    I thought I may be able to mod the font to 'clear' or something that will not show up., as a last resort if I can't change the name. I have found the line in the widget to adjust font size & color.

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    Default All Figured Out
    Thanks H4CK3R for the response, Something in my head just thought it must be able to be done. I am completely virginal with this stuff.
    However found this string in the weather widget...
    function dealWithWeather(obj){
    if (obj.error == false){
    document.getElementById("desc").innerText=obj.desc ription.toLowerCase();
    if(useRealFeel == true){
    tempValue = convertTemp(obj.realFeel);
    tempValue = convertTemp(obj.temp)
    document.getElementById("temp").innerText=tempValu e+"ツコ";
    document.getElementById("weatherIcon").src="IconSe ts/"+iconSet+"/"+MiniIcons[obj.icon]+iconExt;
    document.getElementById("WeatherContainer").classN ame = "";
    document.getElementById("WeatherContainer").classN ame = "errorWeatherDataFetch";

    Mucked about a bit and then simply put my home town name in brackets to replace
    and all is good with the world. I now have my own town name proudly displayed instead of the other.

    Thanks for showing an interest and have posted back incase this helps anybody else.

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    That's really clever. I never really thought you could do that! Nice find
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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