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Thread: Confused about "restoring" cydia packages from backup

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    Default Confused about "restoring" cydia packages from backup
    Hi guys,

    I am new to jailbreaking/modding, although I searched and cannot find a good answer for this question.

    I have been using PkgBackup to backup my cydia packages. Something I don’t understand is: if I create a backup using PkgBackup, then I go and install some new packages from cydia, when I “restore” to my old backup, those new packages are still installed! Why is that? Since the original backup did not contain those packages, shouldn’t they go away when I restore my phone?
    Or, perhaps PkgBackup’s “restore” is different from what I have always understood “restore” to mean. (For example, when you “restore” to factory settings, all the new stuff is gone). Assuming PkgBackup is not able to “uninstall” packages, is there anyway to do what I just described above? My reason: I am sick of having to wipe my phone and re-jailbreak and re-install all my cydia packages every time I download an unstable package or a package that doesn’t work well with my other packages and causes problems. It would be nice if, when that happens I could simply return my phone back to having only the “nice”, necessary cydia packages (activator, sbsettings, winterboard, gridlock, etc.) which were installed when I first created backup.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help,


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    For me, I never use anything like PkgBackup. I always like to start from a clean fresh OS, so not to carry over any potentially corrupted files. I also never restore from a back-up.
    It takes a bit more time, but well worth the end result.

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    well maybe you need to uninstall those new packages manualy if you feel they are unstable before you apply the backup in a attempt to restore.
    my experience with JB is that the backups is like a seperate install and wont affect the current installed files if the app dont have a setting/function to "clear/whipe" the previous apps before applying the backup.

    if you cant uninstall the unstable packages manualy then the only option as far as i know is to do a full restore via itunes and start over.

    but im using AptBackup tho wich i think is realy nice, it doesnt actualy backup the installed JB apps to a file, it just creates a list on all the JB stuff(when used) and attach it with the itunes backup when i sync my iphone, so if something realy get messed up i just restore via itunes and reapply the itune backup and do the jailbreak and install cydia, when all that is done i open cydia and redownload AptBackup and open it and hit restore, after a few minutes my iphone reboots and if nothing odd has hapen its as good as new.
    works like a charm every time.

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    I've heard PkgBackup is kinda buggy and stuff so I really reccomend you don't use it. But if you're ever going to do this again, use OpenBackup or xBackup. PkgBackup overwrites them which is a problem. Sometimes it can cause major issues if you installed the same theme and didn't un-install it before restoring to the backup.

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